A Calm Evening in the Valley of the Sun to The Biggest Little City in the World (Phoenix to Reno)

Hello everyone! Yesterday, due to IFATC being in the American Southwest, I decided to gear up in my very fitting Southwest 737-800!
I flew in the Canyon Blue Livery, because why not :). I still love it and it’s sad to see that it’s disappearing. Flight time was 1 hour and 32 minutes up to Reno and this flight was conducted on the expert server.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the photos!

Photo 1: Sitting at Gate C4 while a company 737-700 departs for Las Vegas, with the South Mountain Range in the background.

Photo 2: Roaring by on 25R, on our Takeoff Roll we pass another company aircraft, this time an -800, bound for Los Angeles.

Photo 3: Goodbye, Phoenix! We liftoff Runway 25R and start chasing the Sun. You can partially see the White Tank Mountain Range.

Photo 4: I tried to recreate one of my more popular shots. (Link Below.) I think I did pretty well! This is us crossing the mighty Colorado River into Nevada, South of Las Vegas.

Photo 5: Passing by busy Lost Wages with a nice view of the airport from 36,000 feet.

Photo 6: Skimming the Nevada/California border, we descended into Reno. This is us passing Lake Mono. Not Lake Stereo, sadly.

Photo 7: Banking over Markleeville, California (That’s fun to say!) As we turn to intercept the localizer into Reno.

Photo 8: Welcome to Reno! The local time is just past 7:45 in the evening. There’s a nice view of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the back.

Photo 9: Thank you for flying with Southwest Airlines! Enjoy your stay in Reno. Here’s me parked at gate B07 after our spectacular flight :)

Thank you for stopping by and comment down below which one was your favorite :)

Thank you for viewing and have a great rest of your morning/afternoon/evening/night :)

The image in question that I talked about in picture 4:


Wow! I knew that recreation looked familiar. I think I like it better than the old one because its Canyon Blue. Awesome shots of the scenery!

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Thank you! One of my intentions of flying was trying to get a recreation in a Canyon blue airplane :)

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Nice shots bud!

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Thank you!