A Cabin view for all liveries.

Every Airliner has its own Cabin Design.

Here is an example for some of the Cabin designs made from the most common operators: Delta, Ethiopian, Qatar, Lufthansa and China Airlines.


Credits used for the Following pictures via Google Images: airwaysmag.com (Delta), ethiopianairlines.com (Ethiopian), thedesignair.net (Qatar), airwaysmag.com (Lufthansa), runwaygirlnetwork.com (China Airlines).

About the idea:
With the recent updates from the Development of the Airbus A350, I think the Developers or 3D artists should spend more time for a livery. Since the few months ago the Bombardier CRJ’s were released, I knew something was missing.

How this would work:
If a livery is added, they should also start working inside the seating, lighting and the cabin interior before moving forward into a different livery. They should most importantly design the Seating, lighting, Carpets and the Wall interiors. The Cabin screens does not have to be included, but if they can, that would be great.

Possible consequences:
The development of any aircraft will stay up for a longer period, increasing the possible release date. This will increase the work for our lovely livery designers for passenger airliners.

But for sure, most of us prefer to wait longer for a better result when a new aircraft has been created, rather than have nice, missing features.

I have not found any other topic created, so I have decided to create my own topic. What do you think?

I closed that as it is not going to happen anytime soon. This would be a very inefficient use of the developers time and would delay the development of aircraft by months.