A busy Sydney to a quiet Queenstown

A medium haul flight from Sydney to Queenstown

Boeing 737-800
Qantas 181
Expert Server

I don’t edit like this often, I changed up the style just a little bit.

Parked at gate 51 at YSSY. The realistic gate for the route

Taxiing to runway 25 while a 787 departs

“Positive rate, gear up”

Passing over a Virgin Australia 738. I noticed a collision course so I climbed up to FL370. This aircraft was at FL350.

Short final after a winding approach between mountains for runway 05.

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Great pics will!

In that last one it seems like you had quite a bit of crosswind!


Yeah, there was a tad of a crosswind. I was also turning right at the time due to the approach.

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Thanks for this

last picture is Yes

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These photos are 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼. They’re awesome, Sydney was awesome to land at.

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Great photos 👍. My favorite picture is the last picture.

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Hehe, you didn’t spot me today 😈

Great Pics Will… I Spot JR Again 😘

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I’m just waiting… watching. Don’t worry, it will happen soon enough

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Second to last photo looks legit

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Will… happen in your dreams, only, a mere fantasy, delusion 😝

On the other hand, your crosswind landing pic, pretty sick, loving the angle it was shot from 😍


Great pictures! I like the angle of the last one!

Yep concur with previous comments ! Nice job , buzzing airport does make for some great pic opportunities 👌👌

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