A busy, pre-turkey day - KDEN Spotting, November 22nd, 2020 (Part Two)

Hey all! A couple of weeks ago, I took the trek out to Denver International Airport to spot some actual activity at the airport, making it feel like it was before air travel went down. I was here for 5 hours and took over 400 pictures, and keeping my promise about a part two, here it is! I do have enough photos for another topic, but I’ll decide later to make a part three and/or make a new topic for when I go spotting next week. Enjoy the photos! Here’s Part One if you missed it.

Equipment: Nikon D40X with a Nikkor 55-200mm lens

Please let me know if you are going to use one or any of my photos.

Photo One: First off, looks like I missed putting any United Express planes. Oops. I spotted 34 United Express Aircraft and I didn’t put any in? Anyways, here’s one of United’s newer E175s, N608UX, at 1.5 years old, seen on arrival from Billings, Montana (BIL) as “United/Skywest 4635”

Photo Two: Next up, we have another United Express aircraft, this one being older and smaller than the one before. Here’s N679SA, an 18.6 year old CRJ-200LR, which has seen time with Atlantic Coast Airlines/United Express as well as Independence Air as N677BR, and XA-PPG with ALMA de Mexico, before rejoining the United Express/Skywest fleet in August 2010. It’s seen operating “United/Skywest 5101” from Vernal, Utah (VEL).

Photo Three: Here’s one I was pleased to see, as it arrived slightly late so I could see it. I’ve spotted Spirit’s A320 but not their A321, and I didn’t have a high-quality Spirit shot until now. Here’s their bananabus A321-231, registered as N669NK, a 4.3 year old example of the A321, arriving around 15 minutes late from Detroit, Michigan (DTW), as “Spirit Wings 975”

Photo Four: Next up is a simple Southwest flight, but this airframe has a lot of history in it’s 19.4 year time flying. N7839A, A 737-73V, started with EasyJet in 2001 as G-EZJF, then went to Aerolineas Argentinas as LV-CAM, and went to Southwest in 2015 as N7839A. It’s seen here on arrival from Salt Lake City, Utah (SLC) as “Southwest 1208”

Photo Five: Here’s another catch I wanted to see, but I knew I was going to catch it. Surprisingly, I didn’t catch Alaska’s new livery until now, just their interim livery and their old one. Here’s N534AS, a 9.9 year old Boeing 737-890, arriving from Portland, Oregon (PDX) as “Alaska 616”

Photo Six: Here’s a plane I was expecting to catch, but previously, I did not have the best shot of an example of these. Here’s N57864, a 19.2 Boeing 757-33N, or a pencil, which was formerly with American Trans Air as N554TZ, and Continental as N57864. It’s arriving from Chicago-O’hare (ORD), as “United 2314”

Photo Seven: Next up, we have a newer Frontier A320-251NEO, with “Cortez” the Green Turtle on the tail. “Cortez” is only 0.6 years old, and is seen on arrival from San Francisco (SFO) as “Frontier Flight 664”

Photo Eight: Here’s Frontier’s third turtle. I spotted all of Frontier’s three turtles this day, in order from newest to youngest. (Cortez, Shelly, Sheldon.) I was originally going to see “Sheldon” around two hours earlier than this, but “Sheldon”, a 9.7 year old A320-214, turned up late from Los Angeles, California (LAX), as “Frontier Flight 402.” I know @Juan_Oosthuizen would like this.

Photo Nine: Next up, we have a plane that has evaded me for over two years, and I was very pleased to finally catch it, although I would have liked to see it in better lighting. I also spotted both of Frontier’s sharks this day as well. “Finn” the Tiger Shark, a 7.5 year old A320-214, will be leaving the Frontier fleet next year, so catch him while you can! “Finn” is also the last remaining Frontier aircraft in the interim livery as well. “Finn” is seen on short final after a hop from Madison, Wisconsin, as “Frontier Flight 159.”

Photo Ten: Lastly, this is my favorite Canyon Blue shot as of right now (I’ll probably top it some day,) but for now, it’s my favorite. Here’s N276WN, a 13.6 year old 737-7H4, seen on short final to 16L, after a two-hour hop from Oakland, California (OAK) as “Southwest 1429”

Well, that’s it for part two. Let me know which one was your favorite and stay tuned for part three, or another topic of mine!

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Nice shots Mr. Luke


Very nice photos!

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I love all of these photos, especially number 4!

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Nice photos:)

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Thank you Mr. Wu

Thanks Mason!

Thanks Speedyyy!

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This is definitely my favorite one! (since Alaska is my FAVORITE airline)

Amazing Photos!

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Some absolutely fantastic pictures, especially those with the amazingly blue sky! The Spirit livery is also especially bright :)

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! It was nice to see an Alaska new livery for once.

Thanks Julian!


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