A busy, pre-turkey day - KDEN Spotting, November 22nd, 2020 (Part One)

Hey all! Last week, I took the trek over to Denver International Airport to spot some actual activity at the airport, making it feel like it was before air travel went down. I was here for 5 hours and took over 400 pictures, so there will be a part two this time (normally I put “Part One” but I never make a part two, since I didn’t have enough quality photos.) I feel like this was definitely my best session yet, and I hope to have similar quality sessions in the future from here on out. Enjoy the photos!

Equipment: Nikon D40X with a Nikkor 55-200mm lens

Please let me know if you are going to use one or any of my photos.

Photo One: Starting this off with my favorite airline, but not my favorite livery (y’all should know what it is), is N7886A, a 13.3 year old Boeing 737-752, formerly with Aeromexico as XA-MAH, flying with Southwest since January 2018, arriving from Albuquerque, New Mexico (ABQ) as “Southwest 1004”

Photo Two: Next up, is a common sight here at DEN, the American Airlines 737-800. This one, N894NN, is a 8.5 year old 737-823, delivered to American in June 2012. It’s seen operating “American 122” from Charlotte, North Carolina. (CLT)

Photo Three: Another common sight at DEN is Frontier, with DEN being their headquarters and main hub. Seen here is “Baja” the Whale Shark, a 2.1 year old A320-251N, delivered to Frontier in November 2018, which didn’t actually appear on FR24, arriving from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PIT or @KPIT), as “Frontier Flight 275”

Photo Four: Frontier A321’s are not very common during this year, with most of them still stored in Roswell or operating flights out of Orlando and Vegas, “Joe Bob”, the Badger, a 4.7 year old A321-211, was a nice sight to see. “Joe Bob” was operating as “Frontier Flight 467” from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OKC), which was a normal upgrade from the regular A320/A320N that OKC normally gets.

Photo Five: Next up, we have another rare Frontier sight, this one being rarer since there’s less old livery A320s than A321s. I’ve spotted all of the old Frontier A320s this year at least once, except for N201FR since it’s currently in Roswell. (Stay tuned for part two to see some more old A320s.) Here’s “Thunder” the American Bison, a 10.6 year old A320-214, seen on arrival from Omaha, Nebraska (OMA) as “Frontier Flight 183”

Photo Six: Here’s one of the catches I was going to expect, but not the angle I was expecting. I ran around a quarter mile just to get this shot, but I don’t know if it was all worth it. Here’s Southwest’s “Arizona One” livery, or N955WN, a 9.7 year old Boeing 737-7H4, seen operating on the two-week old service from Palm Springs, California (PSP) as “Southwest 1145”

Photo Seven: Up next, is a cornerstone of my spotting topics. A canyon blue livery! (yay!) This example, N236WN, a 14.6 year old 737-7H4, seen on arrival from @Suhas land (or Austin, Texas) (AUS) as “Southwest 432”

Photo Eight: Up next is one of the upgrades Delta provided to DEN during this week. This example in a 757, arriving from Detroit, Michigan (DTW) as an upgrade compared to the normal 737-900s we get from DTW. This plane, N658DL, Delta’s oldest passenger 757, coming in at a whopping 30.6 years old, delivered to Delta all the way back in May 1990, as a Boeing 757-232, operating as “Delta 991”

Photo Nine: Here’s a plane I wasn’t expecting to see until I checked the flight board the morning before I went, but I was glad to see it. This plane, TF-ISV, a 21.7 year old Boeing 757-256, formerly with Iberia as EC-GZY, Varig as PP-VTQ, and Krasair and I-Fly as EI-DUA. It was flying to Denver to make a customs stop before flying to Roswell, New Mexico (ROW) for storage or retirement. It operated under the callsign of “Iceair 6070”

Photo Ten: Here is a flight I expected to see though this is the last of its kind here in Denver for a while. Lufthansa re-started up MUC-DEN-MUC again around a month ago, but this was the last flight of this route, which re-shutdown. It’s sad to se Lufthansa go (again) but at least I’m glad I was able to see the last flight. (It was nice to see @den.aviation catch the second-to-last flight, and the last one in Lufthansa’s new livery.) Here’s D-AIXC, a 3.7 year old A350-941, arriving fresh from Munich, Germany (MUC) (or @Moritz land if you want to call Munich that.), as “Lufthansa 480 Heavy”

Well, that’s it for part one. Let me know which one was your favorite and stay tuned for part two!

A Special Thanks To

@den.aviation for the recommendation for my spot, it’s definitely my new favorite!
@AndrewWu, @GlobalFlyer1, @KPIT, and @Cameron_Stone for providing me with useful editing tips and feedback.

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nice pics!

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Nice pics at KDEN

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Well your welcome I guess. I don’t think I was that helpful lol, but thanks for the mention, glad I could be helpful.


Woah, You actually saw Thunder!! What a rare sight!! Love the DIA pictures as always!!!

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Glad you had fun. And it’s nice to see your pictures improve

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I spy big improvements in this topic. Keep it up Luke!

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zoomer, but fanks

Thank you!

There’s some things you posted to others, and you providied feedback on most of the images I showed. Thanks!

It’s nice to see the older Frontier A320s. I actually saw Thunder back in July, but the quality was not the greatest. Thanks!

Thanks for the spot recommendation my guy, and also not pressuring me to shoot always backlit lol, thanks again!

I think your eyes are working well. Thanks for the editing tips and advice as well!


I would have taken a picture of a flying Turkey and photoshop the background into a runway and call it Turkey force one

Nice pictures!

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Nice shots! Especially love the old livery Frontier A320

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Thank you!

That one was one of my favorites as well. Thanks!

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Awesome pictures!!! Loved every one of them.

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