A Busy Evening in the Land of the Thousand Lakes

Hello IFC! Tuesday night I decided to fly an overnighter to Helsinki thanks to @AmericanVirtual ‘s codeshares with FAVA. Most of the flight was dark, but upon my arrival the sun was beginning to set in Finland. I decided to just post a couple highlights during my arrival which is something I don’t normally do, but anyways I hope y’all enjoy!

Flight Details

Airline/Aircraft: Finnair Airbus A350
Flight time: 10hrs 28mins
Server: Expert

Banking right as the sun begins to set

Beautiful parallel approach with another Finnair A350 coming in from Budapest

Seconds from touchdown as several aircraft hold short before departing

After a long flight we butter the gear down on runway 22R


That parallel landing shot is gorgeous!

Great shots!


Geez, everyone is changing their pfp to their dog…
I don’t have a dog, I’m brown. (@GlobalFlyer1 understands) I only have a tOrToiSe but she doesn’t play fetch.
I tried.
Nice pics! I hope you weren’t the a350 closest to the pic in the paralell pic… whoop whoop Pull, up! whoop, whoop Pull, up!


Thank you!

Thank you! It looks like we’re too close but its just the angle ;)

Looks like that Qatar A350 is getting some of that Air France A350 APU. What a nice smell!

Nice shots as always!

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I personally can’t wait to have 3D geographic features above 60° north and south, but until then the rest of the world awaits.

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thanks Luke! Yea I bet he enjoyed it 😂

Me too man, I can’t wait either.


Yeah that would be nice


Wow mate, top work of the angle of most of those photos! That parallel shot too, looks stunning! Great job, mate ;)

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Thank you very much!

Awesome shots! The A350 is ammmmaaaazing

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Thank you Noah!