A Busy Day to a Very Foggy Melbourne

Hello everyone. A few days back I decided to fly to Melbourne as it was one of the featured airports. It was a pretty smooth flight all the way there. Hope you enjoy.

Flight Details

Bangkok 🇹🇭 to Melbourne 🇦🇺
Thai Airways A350-900

On time departure from Bangkok.

We fly over one of the biggest capitals in Southeast Asia, Singapore.

As we continue to fly south we flyover Jakarta.

Making landfall over Northwest Australia.

Our lovely flight deck crew prepare for our landing into Melbourne.

Touchdown 🛬 into a very foggy Melbourne.

Parked at the gate. Was a nice landing considering the conditions.

Hope you all enjoyed! Have a great day and I’ll see you next time.


Wow a great selection of pictures, I really enjoyed them especially the one where your on the runway in the fog!

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@G-OJON thank you so much.

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Wow, that first picture is stunning!!! Keep up the great work!

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Thanks @Shane!

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