A Busy Day in the Worlds Biggest City to a Dark Morning in Hollywood


Two nights ago, when Tokyo Haneda (RJTT) was featured I flew Tokyo to Los Angeles with the Delta 777-200LR. I use the major 3 airlines (Delta, United and American) a lot but surprisingly I rarely fly long flights with Delta and I’ve never flown a Trans-Pacific flight with a Delta plane. For some reason I really like the Delta 777s. The 77W is my favorite 777 but I really like how fat the 777-200LR is so I used it because I felt like it and it was a good opportunity to use a Low-Numbered callsign, my callsign was Delta 6 Heavy which is the real-life callsign. I like to be realistic so I flew over the ocean and landed on 7L at LAX because of the night operations, but I’m sure there are no flight from Tokyo to LAX landing at 3:30 AM. Flight time was 8 hours 45 minutes

Flight Details

Tokyo Haneda to Los Angeles
Boeing 777-200LR

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Holding short of the runway as a teeny-tiny FedEx Cessna 208 rolls down the runway after landing Rotating out in front of the 208, and serious props to that guy for landing in the 25 knot crosswind Putting the gear up as we climb through 500 feet Leaving the biggest city in the world, Tokyo for arguably the most famous, Los Angeles as Mt Fuji looks in the background Crossing the Coast of Japan at Iwaki as we fly Northeast toward the United States The sun sets as we fly just south of the Aleutian Island of Adak. I actually flew to Adak from an Anchorage Flyout back in October
After crossing the Northwest Coast of California we fly south past the San Francisco Bay Area After going around because we were too high and too fast (trust me this plane doesn’t slow down quickly) we turn toward runway 7L on the visual approach On final approach we put the gear down of this massive plane Smoking the gear at 3:15 AM local time in Los Angeles

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

I’ll see you guys tomorrow with either
Montreal to Toronto, Toronto to Seoul, Toronto to Tel Aviv or some random FNF flight


Well well well, what do we’ve got here: pictures, pictures and more pictures. But not just pictures, NoahM’s pictures.
And wow, those are special.

Keep up the great work, and as always: great pics😃


Let’s see what we have here ;) a B777 topic beginning at a busy airfield in Japan, with some great surrounding traffic really nicely captured!

Then the mighty B777 departs as shown in this great shot and makes its way to the US resulting in the other two favourites for me (though choice once again) of this great topic:

Always a fan of a great wing view as of the one over the Bay Area too! Thanks for sharing!

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What a beautiful aircraft! I love the livery too. The first two pictures are the best with the light and all the other traffic. The wing view is cool over the Bay Area. Great pics!

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,It’s always fun with a variety of aircraft, especially when I’m in a huge 772 waiting for a little 208 to land. And I love putting the “spotters view” photos in because I rarely see them and think they look really good. Thanks for the comment as always!

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Delta has such a clean livery and the 777 is easily one of my favorite planes so I couldn’t go wrong!

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Love the rotation picture 👍

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Love the first 2 pictures. Amazing as always ❤

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Very nice pictures, looked like a great flight!

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Thanks! @Aero and @Armani_B!

Thanks, it means a lot if you think their always good :)

Yes!!! These are probably the best photos you’ve taken in my opinion.😀👍👌

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Nice, though in my opinion they are about overedited. Keep it up Noah!

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Wow, thanks a lot Jason! :) :)

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Thanks for the feedback!

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I saw this but I forgot to respond, but thanks a lot! If my photos are distinguishable from others, that really means a lot to me :)

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