A Busy Day in the Spanish Capital to a Clear Sky in The Jungles of Costa Rica


For the Friday Night Flight I decided to fly a really fun flight between Madrid and San Jose, Costa Rica. I’ve really been having fun with routes that have fun approaches in Central and South America and this was one of them. San Jose is 3,000 feet above sea level and the approach takes you through mountains, the city is actually elevated above the surrounding terrain making it a stunning and beautiful approach. I timed my takeoff so that sunrise would happen over the Caribbean Sea and it was worth it. Flight time was 10 hours and 20 minutes

Flight Details

Madrid, Spain to San Jose, Costa Rica
Iberia Airbus A350-900

🇪🇸 • 🇨🇷

Holding short of the runway next to a LATAM A350 bound for Santiago
Putting the gear up as we climb into the dark, Spanish sky Ascending past the rising moon on our way East our of Spain
The sunrise glares off the instruments of the A350 The sun rise off the White pain as we approach Puerto Rico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic
High above the Dominican paradise of Punta Cana Starting to descend through the mountains of Central America The view of Costa Rica from the cockpit window Putting the gear down as we thread the needle between two mountains Touching down in San Jose!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

How much of Costa Rica is a protected Jungle?

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The answer to the last question was The 2016 Olympics which 88% got correct


Last time I was this early…

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You’re gonna keep making that joke aren’t you 🤣

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Wow! Sometimes I really do miss the long-haul flying (doesn’t work with my IRL life though…) ;). Anyways, really cool pictures of a stunning area of the world and one of the most beautiful aircrafts in a really great livery.

As always, thanks for sharing ;)


You caused mysterious person hopes up.

Jokes aside, Great Photos!

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I’ve been doing quite a lot long hauls since I’m out of school for who know how long, I like doing them, but it’s not always fun HAVING to wake up because I have to land. I’ve really liked Central and South America because of the mountainous approaches. And the Iberia livery i also like because of how clean and simple it is, although the text is really generic 😂

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Do you mean…

I didn’t want to confuse him, but he knows I flew Vancouver to San Jose (CALIFORRRRNIAAA)
A few days ago so I’ll post that soon 😂

I know don’t who that is


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Who? I know nobody by that name

True talk, especially on the A321!

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You’re getting famous @NoahM:


Wow that third picture!

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This is my background now.
Amazing shots!!


Wowowowowow I woke up this morning and saw that on Instagram, first time featured! 😊

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@anon9524891 moonshots are always cool!

@KindaTartySliceOfPie I hope you keep using it! :D


I love the photos. I might have to try this route, although anytime I do a long haul my app crashes or I sleep past my timer.

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You should try it! But make sure you don’t have to wake up too early for it :D


Bro I totally love the moonshot😍 Keep up the great work. Nice to see the Spaniards getting some love🤪

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Thank you! I love moonshots

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Those are my favorite tbh

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