A Busy Day in the Sin City to a Sunset on The 4 Stacks Visual


So a while back I flew Burbank to San Francisco to Burbank and I made a post about it, in like October or something. Last week I really wanted to try something like that again, and Gavin Southwest be featured yesterday, it was the perfect opportunity to. I spent a while looking for good routes that would have ATC and that Southwest flies, I settled on Vegas to Reno to Oakland to Burbank, all which are flown by Southwest. I’ve flown into Reno a few times before and Im a huge fan of it and Burbank has an amazing approach that I would recommend flying any day, it is the 4 Stacks Visual Runway 15 Ill put a picture of it in the flight details box. I left Vegas just after 8PM EST to time my arrival in Burbank with sunset and it was amazing. Flight time from Vegas to Reno was 52 minutes, 31 minutes from Reno to Oakland, and 43 minutes from Oakland to Burbank for a total flight time of 2 hours and 9 minutes.

Flight Details

Las Vegas to Reno to Oakland to Burbank
Southwest 737-700

Getting a surprise parallel departure with a Qatar A350 off for its loooong flight to Doha A short time cruising above the never ending deserts of Nevada Touching down in Reno at 4,500 feet above sea level! Climbing out of Reno over Lake Tahoe on our short flight to Oakland On the ground as a company 737-800 waits at the gate On our last leg of the day down to Burbank as we ascend over San Jose The sand drifts of Southern California lit by the setting sun Descending through the San Gabriel Mountains into Burbank Making the sharp right turn to runway 15 on the 4 Stacks approach Touching down on Burbank’s short 5,000 foot runway!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

During what years did Southwest use the Desert Gold livery as their main livery?

  • 1968-1971
  • 1971-2001
  • 2001-2014

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Also let me know what you think about including multiple legs of a flight like this!


Beautiful pictures! first @Suhas

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Awesome wing view shots! 👏🏽

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The Desert Gold livery is stunning. I also know the 4 Stacks Visual quite well!

Those golden hour pics are lovely, keep up the great work!

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Love me some Desert Gold. Four Stacks is a very scenic approach! And combined that type of routing, the scenery won’t disappoint!

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That livery complements that route’s scenery beautifully!

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@NoahM I found some errors but Drake and I won’t expose you. Let’s just say I’m “Gavin” fun looking at these pics.

Anyways ignoring that, this is probably my favorite topic ever from you.
First of all, you flew Southwest, a giant bonus. Secondly, you flew Desert Gold, my favorite WN special. It looks great in its natural habitat. Also, you did multiple stop western domestic routes, which are literally my favorite. Awesome topic!

Also that’s quite a landing you had in Oakland…


That’s a really fun idea for short-haul days/sessions! Also the approach looks fun (and it’s interesting that there are real charts for that as in Europe visual often simply means fly the approach you like (as far as I am aware)).

Fantastic pictures as always (sunsets and desert like landscapes can’t be bad), and this looks really dynamic. Well done, thanks for sharing!

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the Desert gold livery is great classy livery even tho i prefer the desert gold to the blue canyon livery (I think)

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First picture is fabulous!!

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As always, lovely shots man!

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@Speedyyy thanks Caleb!
@Anshul28 thanks a lot Anshul! :D
@Thunderbolt thanks! It’s a livery that fits so well with the scenery and I’m definitely gonna fly the four stack more of them

@Lucas_Piedra @snoman thanks guys! The brown definitely fits with the scenery of Southern California!

@GameBoy_KIRB It is! I’m happy they kept some aircraft in the livery

Thanks a lot! @Ajaxibrahim and @TransportForLife


I had Gavin fun flying the route too ;)

I’m happy you like it for all the reasons you said. And yes not a great landing in Oakland 😂

Thanks for the comment and for not ruining me with Drake

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Thanks! I liked doing it with IFATC at home the other day too and I might do it with my home airport (PHL) being featured tomorrow. The visual was a lot of fun and yeah in most of the country here a visual means “see runway, land on runway” but it’s fun to find an occasional fun one like this

24 Hours after posting, the correct answer was 1971-2001!

I have no idea how 93% of you got that