A Busy Day in the Queen City Across the Country to a Sunset on the Bay

Yesterday I flew a route I never have before (like 90% of my posts). Toronto to San Francisco. Toronto was featured and I needed a 4ish hour void to fill while I had a basketball game and watch the Chiefs beat the Titans. I took off around 3:15 PM in Toronto which timed my arrived with the 5:10 PM sunset in San Francisco, And as a random fact, Air Canada will be flying between Toronto and San Jose later this year and I know a certain someone who is happy about that. I used the Air Canada A321 (one of the best liveries in the game, change my mind) and my flight time was 4 Hours 51 Minutes.

Flight Details

Air Canada 643
Airbus A321
4 Hours 51 Minutes

Rotating out of Toronto with a Crest Toothpaste Dreamliner back at its gate Gear up in front of that Blue Afternoon, Cold January Canadian Sky Crossing the West Coast of Lake Michigan above the Wisconsin City of Milwaukee A backlit shot of the Rocky Mountains just south of Cheyanne, Wyoming The sun begins to drop as we fly over Central Nevada Descending toward San Francisco over the glowing mountain tops Turning to align with 28L as we Bank over Oakland Gear down 5 miles out as the sun shines off the A321 Touchdown just after 5 PM local time in San Francisco! At the gate as a Scandinavian A350 waits to go home to Copenhagen

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!


You make one of the best IF shots ever! Keep up the good work!


Love them as always 😁

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Flew this route in real life a couple years ago! Nice pictures, and I liked the last one the most!

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Amazing! Love the sunset shots!

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That means a lot, thanks!!!

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Thanks a lot @Aero @GlobalFlyer1 and @KindaTartySliceOfPie!!


And like I’ve been saying, if you have any scenic routes please let me know them!

I love the second picture. Just goes to show how small humans really are.

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I know! I love seeing photos of giant planes and then you see 2 little heads in the cockpit

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I am running out of words I haven’t used before to honour your pictures, so short and easy: Once again a very nice topic of a beautiful aircraft!

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It really means a lot, like always @JulianB!

I’m running out of ways to respond to you lol 😂

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Hey i have been viewing you post why do you like this plane so much

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Maybe you can fly from Tel Aviv (TLV/LLBG) to Barcelona (BCN/LEBL). It’s a beautiful fight over the Mediterranean Sea. The flight also goes over the Italian island of Sicilia

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It’s just a fun plane to fly :)

I rarely fly around Spain and I’ve never flown through Tel Aviv so that’ll be a fun one to try!