A Busy Day in the Pacific Northwest to a Sunset in San Jose

A few weeks ago when the major Canadian airports were featured I wanted to fly a CRJ route out of Vancouver (I don’t know why because I can’t land the CRJ) I was going to fly YVR- San Francisco at sunset but I decided to fly into San Jose because San Jose is the greatest airport on earth definitely not for @BigBert10 I’ve flown Seattle to San Fran many times so I Knew the scenery would be great, and it was, flight time in the Air Canada Express CRJ-900 was 1 hour and 45 minutes

Flight details

Air Canada CRJ-900

🇨🇦 • 🇺🇸

Lifting off of Vancouvers runway at 5:15 local time Climbing out over the mountains of Washington Cruising 37,000 feet above the rocky terrain of the Pacific Northwest
Just east of on of my favorite landmarks, Mount Rainier High above Oregon’s biggest city of Portland The snow capped peaks of Northern California One of my favorite approaches as the sun begins to set descending toward San Jose The gear go down in the green sunset light Approaching runway 30L Touching down in San Jose’s last light!
As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!


Very nice pics! I love that gear down shot. The CRJ is gorgeous in the new AC livery. Last time I was this eArlY…

Wdym its so easy to land… (no seriously, some of my softest landings were in CRJs)

Punctuation 100

Apostrophe 100

I’m sorry, I have to do it, especially since we seem to be sticking with the Canada Vibe:
Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 2.18.51 PM


The last one of the landing is the nicest by the sunset over it

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These shots are so good! I like how you tell the story of the flight all the way through by each screenshot.

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Great pictures! The CRJ is just looking really great, such a unique outline. Very well done as always, thanks for sharing!


Great pictures! San Jose needs more love, so I’m really glad you are flying to San Jose often…not just the other airport in the Bay


Very nice! I was going through my logbook the other day, and @BigBert10 would be happy to know that this was the first CRJ-900 route I ever did! Also great new profile pic!


The “other” that we do not speak of here.

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LOVELY PHOTOS!!! Vancouver 🤩

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The CRJ’s are seriously underrated and under-utilised. Very nice shots, well done!

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@Suhas you’re the worst 😂
I don’t really know what else to say

Thanks a lot! @GameBoy_KIRB @Captain_Benji

@BigBert10 as you probably know I’m a big fan of SFO, but SJC is fun to get away from being too busy, and to have a nice shirt and easy taxi!

@snoman thanks! It’s a fun route! And @AlphaSeven made me the profile pic :D

@ILOVE7879-2.0 thanks! Vancouver is awesome 😍

@Louis I agree! They’re really fun to fly, I just can’t land them 😂!


Thanks Julian! The new Air Canada livery looks awesome on the CRJ9 and it fits so well with Mount Rainier



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