A Busy Day in the Heart of Hawaii to a Stunning South Korean Sunset


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It would be cool to see how you developed good shots and edit them and just see the process. If ya need help I got you fam 😂

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Beautiful collage as always man. But was wondering, do you just make these up?

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Just stunning colours! Really cool pictures as always!

This one also looks really realistic. Thanks for sharing these cool pictures of the newest addition to IFs fleet!

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@Carolina_Taylor thanks a lot Carolina!

Thanks! @Sharan.Somayaji

@Speedyyy no u

@Ur_Friendly_Approach that’s an awesome idea! I might make a post like that in the future, I could maybe show how I edit and take each shot

@SimCaptain occasionally, I’m pretty sure that 777 was heading to San Fran but I do make those up sometimes lol

@JulianB thanks Julian! I love Hawaii (as I’m sure you know) so I love the wing views of the cities on departure, and that was a new angle I used for the gear up photo and I think it turned out well!


So I think this is your third seal of approval?

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Hmmm I’m pretty sure that’s right 🤔

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