A Busy Day in the City of Angels to a Treacherous Approach in the heart of the Rockies

Los Angeles to Aspen

So there’s really not much to explain about this topic, besides that it was an event for @AmericanVirtual I’m not a fan of group flights but it was a really fun event to do, not my 2nd hehe. The route we were flying was Los Angeles to Aspen, Colorado. Aspen as you probably know, is right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and is a major ski destination in the winter. We used the CRJ-700, which is used in real life, and flight time was 1 hour and 33 minutes.

Flight Details

Los Angeles to Aspen
AAVA 643
Bombardier CRJ-700

Rotating off of runway 25R as two American A321s wait at their gates, one from Chicago, and one bound for Lihue on the Hawaiian paradise of Kauai
Putting the gear up as we get ready to turn Northeast toward Aspen Climbing over North Los Angeles The full white moon from 37,000 feet The deserts of East California over the town of San Marino To be honest I don’t know what to say here besides the left wing view over Utah Starting to descend through the Rockies toward Aspen Putting the gear down before making our treacherous right turn Making the steep right turn threading the needle between 2 mountains On the ground with the other American Eagle CRJs!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Why was Aspen Settled in 1879?

  • As a ski resort for business men in Denver
  • As a mining town during the Colorado Silver Rush
  • As a rainforest with exotic animals

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The answer to yesterday’s question was Guadalajara, which was the only real answer so I’m surprised only 64% got it correct


I mean, you got the first letter right but you’re missing nowboard after that S.

All jokes aside you took some amazing screen shots in accordance to the @NoahM norms. As someone who goes to Aspen/Snowmass to snowboard quite often I can say that it never ceases to amaze me how many tourists we get.

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emotional speech 100
Unfortunately I didn’t find any grammar mistakes ;(
Nice pics as usual! I’m pretty early…
Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 2.09.23 PM

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I think I see myself in the last 2 shots.
Nice photos! Always nice to see AAVA pilots out in full force

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It’s the mountainous rainforest, I am sure ;)

Great pictures as always! Really well made post, and that must be my favourite, if not for the fantastic picture and scenery, then for that amazing description ;)

Thanks for sharing!

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Amazing! The CRJ is impossible to land tho…

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@KGJT-9149 nope. I mean ski 😉 Aspen is a place that want to go to skiing it looks awesome!

@Suhas I made sure not to have any grammar mistakes this time ;)! But you still found a way to make a meme, you win lol

@Luke_Sta you gout Luke! I don’t know how far ahead of me you were And it’s definitely cool to see such an active VA 😉

@KindaTartySliceOfPie thanks! Yeah… we won’t talk about my landing


Please, Julian, no revealing the answer, shhhhhhhh, and yeah I always love flying over the deserts! I just don’t know what to say about them 😂

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