A Busy Day in Nashville to the River Visual

Nashville to Washington D.C.

Hey everyone! A couple of weeks ago I hosted a BNA flyout, and flew to DCA with American. Thanks to everyone who came out to that!

Server: Expert
Aircraft: American Eagle CRJ-700
Route: KBNA - KDCA
Flight Time: 1 hour 17 minutes

Aircraft at the gate including @Igor_M, @chuckaule, and @Pilotcamcam.

Lining up as @ATCEthan takes off.

Hello @Udeme_Ekpo!

A somewhat parallel takeoff with @Dendenawesome_14!

Hello again @ATCEthan!

Dulles on the right as we descend.

Follow that river!

One final turn!

Which one was your favorite?

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Thanks for looking and feedback is much appreciated!


Is it possible to fly visual approaches? I mean is the scenery accurate enough to match the charts. I’m new to IF.

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Nice shots! I always love flying the river visual. Some of the colors are a little weird but other than that the angles are cool and those are ggreat photos!

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Yes it is! I believe that skyvector.com is the best place to find charts!

Thanks! I live flying it too!

Yeah, I have to agree on a couple of them. They didn’t quite turn out that great.

Thanks! I love getting great angles, that’s my favorite part of screenshotting

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Nice pics!! Looks like you hosted a great event!

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That last photo is magnificent, well done!

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Thank you! It was a very fun event indeed

Thanks! The last one is definitely my favorite!


Beautiful shots! This approach is awesome! I really need to try it in the sim!


Thank you! I definitely recommend the approach!

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