A Busy Day in Michigan to the Summer Blue SoCal Sky

Detroit to Orange County

It’s Friday! Which I can’t believe how fast these weeks are going. It feels like it was March 3 weeks ago, but anyway since it’s Friday I have my weekly 757 post! I’m going to try not to go in my whole spiel here about why the 757 needs to be reworked and blah, blah, blah, so you can vote for the 757 Rework HERE, and if you want to be Rick Rolled, click HERE. I didn’t have any ideas for the 757 route this week until yesterday when Detroit was featured and I looked for some good Delta routes. I didn’t want to do anything generic like Detroit to Seattle, San Francisco or Los Angeles, so I decided to fly into SNA, John Wayne Orange County airport. Delta flies the 757 because of its high power and short runway capability, as the runway in SNA is only 5,700 feet long. SNA has a beautiful approach, it’s just like flying into LAX but a little farther south. Flight time was 4 hours and 22 minutes.

Flight Details

Detroit to Orange County
Delta 643
Boeing 757-200

Taxiing to runway 22L as a Delta A319 lines up for Newark
Adios Detroit! A Steep climb past 2 A350s and a 717 waiting after flying in from Atlanta The expectedly awesome views of the Rockies from 42,000 feet Great views, and a great town name, over Steamboat Springs, Colorado Over the Sin City, Las Vegas Descending over the San Gabriel Mountains past the desert of Palm Springs Putting the gear down in the Blue SoCal Sky Touching down at John Wayne Airport in Orange County!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

John Wayne Airport is the main airport for which tourist attraction just 14 miles away?

  • The Grand Canyon
  • The Golden Gate Bridge
  • Disneyland Resort

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The answer to the last question was Boston which 34% got correct! A Sunrise in the Arizona Desert to the Lush Forests of the Pacific Northwest


Great shots as always, Noah!

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Wow I’m somewhat early!
Anyways great shots Noah I love seeing your photos!

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This made me laugh 😂 😂

I needed that laugh 😂

These pictures are absolutely amazing. It reminds me of these ones. What do you use to edit?

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Beautiful photos as always Noah!

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lmao you cruised at the service ceiling
Also no flight report sheet :(

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Great shots as always. I really enjoy your posts
#rework the 75

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Incredible shots as usual! I have a route suggestion for your “weekly 757 awareness flight”

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You really like the 757 don’t you? Haha.

As always incredible picture :)

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@Tsumia thanks 😊!

@Pertonics you were really early 😂! And thanks I’m happy you like seeing them :)

@anon38496261 and surprisingly I got a bunch of people to click lmao, and no I’m not clicking that. I use the default Apple editor and a free app called Snapseed!

@david_lemke @MJP_27 thanks a lot guys!

@Sashaz55 I’m always up for recommendations! What’s the route?

@Luke_King-kong thanks! I love the 757 soooo much


KJFK-KEGE! I highly recommend it!

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Eagle County is great! Thanks for the suggestion :)

Good stuff Noah

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Finally my home airport getting some love! It would be even better on a reworked 757! 😂

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was thid in FNF?

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I’m pretty sure it was yesterday because DTW was very busy.

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oh yeah i think i did a few flights there i remember now

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@Lukascrazydude thanks SadBoi Broccoli

@Jacob_Layton it’s a fun airport because of the approach and short runway!


Yes! Very cool airport indeed. Especially in real life, nothing quite like a full-power takeoff! I can’t imagine what it would be like in a 767 because the heavy gates can hold a 767-200. 🤔

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Thanks for the @ Noah. Nice shots keep it up. 👌👍🤙

dont forget to tag newt time!!

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