A busy day in Dubai

So I when I arrived at my gate in Dubai, I saw how many planes there were and I saw that a plane had just rotated so I took advantage of the situation and got a nice photo.
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✈️ Route✈️: Kuwait (OKBK) - Dubai (OMDB)
⏰Time⏰ 1 hour and 39 minutes
💡Expert Server💡
🛩 FlyDubai 737-800🛩


I’m glad I’m not in that picture! It took me like 20 minutes to find the Fly Dubai gates. Definitely a busy day!

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It was a really nice event I took off from Jeddah and the airspace was very busy but the ATC was very professional and it was a great feeling

Awesome shots mate, keep it up.


Beautiful shot, thanks for sharing!