A Busy Day in Dallas to a Sunset off the Central American Coast

Dallas to Roatan

Yesterday afternoon there was a big DFW Flyout for the 2 year anniversary of @AmericanVirtual. I’m flying to every Caribbean airport that American flies to (there are 33 of them). The only Caribbean airport that AA flies to from DFW that I haven’t flown to yet is Roatan. Roatan is an island just off the East coast of Honduras in the Caribbean Sea. There were many American aircraft there and the event was awesome to be apart of, so thanks AAVA! AA flies this route irl in the 737 so I used my favorite American livery, the TWA special livery and flight time was 2 hours and 39 minutes.

Flight Details 🇺🇸• 🇭🇳

American 643 • AAVA643
Boeing 737-800
@JulianB @Ur_Friendly_Approach @Philippe_Gilbert

@Francisco_Rivera sits at his gate in the large Boeing 77W waiting to push back for a long flight to Tokyo

Taxiing to runway 17R as @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 rolls down the runway going to Charlotte

Holding short of the runway next to a British Airways flight to London and an American A321 off to the United States Capital

Gear up in the Texas afternoon

Crossing the North coast of Mexico after an hour and a half over the Gulf of Mexico

Leaving the turquoise waters of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula as we prepare to start our descent into Roatan

It’s hard to beat sunset approaches in the Caribbean

At the gate in the beach city of Roatan!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Which of these was not a hub or focus city for TWA?

  • St Louis, Missouri, USA
  • Paris, France
  • Miami, Florida

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My oh my. This might be your best #screenshots-and-videos topic you’ve ever posted. That lighting and photos are just perfect.


Thanks a lot Mason! 😊

I’m happy you like the lighting and angles for the photos!

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Beautiful shots! I saw you departing from Dallas while I was taxiing


Nice shots! Love that cockpit one.

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So great to have you back posting in #screenshots-and-videos! Some really nice pictures as always, with great light conditions and also cool angles (like the overhead gate ones). I also learned two new things:

  1. That we had the TWA livery in IF.
  2. That there is an island called Roatan.

Thanks for sharing and for all the information, good luck with your Caribbean mission!


Beautiful pictures 😍 @NoahM!!

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@KSS thank you! What city where you flying to?
@alexev thank you! I love cockpit shots, especially of live cockpits
@Francisco_Rivera thank you!


@NoahM I was heading down to Austin (KAUS)

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Thanks Julian! The TWA livery is a rears one that I never see but I wish I saw more, I like it so much!
I also just learned about Roatan when I was watching Caribbean Life on TV lol

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Amazing topic, Noah!

I’m glad you could attend our special event and see you chose an excellent destination. I hope you enjoyed!



@NoahM that A321 off to the United States Capital (KDCA) was me anyway nice pictures and nice takeoff.

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@AmericanVirtual thanks Jeff! it was a lot of fun

@PilotA320 thanks! i hope you flew the river visual ;)

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Actually I had the runway 1 approach but it was still a good landing.

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