A busy day for FNF

It was quite a busy day for FNF, so I made a timelapse of the 26L runway, the busiest one.

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This is my first timelapse, so feel free to give feedback on how to improve!


Please note this was sped up 6x

I really enjoy time-lapses. We don’t have many of them. I’m hoping to see many more, such as the rain trend.


Thanks! Time lapses are quite underrated


This is really good. I also love seeing time-lapses. Maybe next time change up the angle a bit so we can see the planes take off before they disappear. But, otherwise it is really good. I would love to see more of these. And I loved the music!

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Thanks! I did change the angle a bit to focus on Inbounds, but clearly there were more putbounds

That one southwest in there LOL

I was ummmm… Wrong continent buddy


Sad I couldn’t attend because of a report, I will come back Saturday night for some fun on the schedule.

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What should I do next?

  • Flight
  • Runway Shot
  • Group Flight
  • Other (tell me in the comments!)

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How did I do with this one?

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Unfortunately I couldn’t attend:( love the video thoo

Please vote in the poll!

Maybe this is a trailer for Southwest: Europe edition XD

@anon41771314, I’d say just enjoy a flight or a group flight in the FNF

would love to see more like that :)

Very nice video!!