A bunch of Unknown Aircraft at EGLL

when I was landing I saw this and I was wondering what is this if anyone can help?

All of the blank aircraft are blank.

Have you updated your Game, sorry simulator.

What version of IF are you running?

Yeah on the latest version.

Please send us a screenshot so we can double check

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Try re starting IF.

Does the this happen all the time or is it the first time? Was it only during that movement, did you check after that?

First time.

Cool, have you tried re starting infinite Flight?

They all just dissapered when i went to park and then i uploaded this

How is your wifi?

I suggest going back to infinite Flight and checking, please send a screenshot with it.

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Im using LTE because i forgot to turn on my wifi.

That’s probably why, try and get a better wifi or just go to a place with good signal. :)

Edit: all good now?

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Yeah just no names over the aircraft on the map but i can live with that. edit(well the ones that are on the ground.

Cool, remember, you will need good wifi to run a game like infinite Flight! :)

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A mod can close this now.

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