A bumpy start!

After a 7 hour delay following a diversion due to an engine fire message from the number 2 engine, AirBridge Cargo 473 got the thumbs up from the ground crew after a thorough inspection at Seattle and continued its flight to San Francisco! There, full ATC services were provided plus a nice buttery landing!

Departure Airport: Seattle Tacoma (KSEA)

Arrival Airport: San Francisco (KSFO)

Aircraft: Boeing 747-8F (AirBridge Cargo)

Duration: 1 Hours & 21 Minutes.

Server: Expert

Time of screenshot: 6:11PM CST. Chicago.

Photo edited with Lightroom. Fully complies with the new photo rule.


Nice perspective and story. The 757 nose looks so messed up, they’re so rare in IF so you’re lucky.

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Great backstory and great photo as well, @Andrew_C_Sonkin!

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The 757 😍

Oh yeah, and cute 747 you have there


Nice story! And a great picture!

True, it looks a bit “chubby”

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It looks squashed downwards

A rather unfortunate delay, but a nice photo!

Keep it up!

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? 1 hour and 21 minutes from Moscow to Seattle?

Seattle to San Francisco.

But in your post it says that you took off from Moscow and landed in Seattle. I think you might’ve made a small mistake there.

Great shot too!

@AlphaSeven @Cpt_Zorndy Make sure to read the description too 😉

I know, but a flight from Moscow to San Francisco doesn’t take 1:20hours lol…

That’s the continued flight from Seattle to San Francisco 🤦‍♀️ But yes, it is confusing to some people on how it took 1:20 to get from Moscow to Seattle. Maybe OP can make it a bit more clear.

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No need to. I edited the description.