A bug in live replay with free camera view

When in live replay using the Free camera view this is what I get throughout the video and on multiple aircraft flights today the same thing. I’ve re-installed the app but nothing has fixed it. Everything was ok yesterday. Thanks image

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The only time I experienced this was when the a330 came onto the scene and I reinstalled and it corrected itself but now it’s back with a vengence lol

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I can also report this issue on my Galaxy Note 8,maybe my graphics have something to do with it?

  • Rendering on Ludicrous
  • Texture Quality on high
  • Anti-Aliasing on

I see this in replay a lot from a distance.


Exactly what I get from distance 👊🏻

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It probably happens to everyone too. I am guessing the reason behind is on how far away you are viewing the aircraft. If you are viewing an aircraft from the close up, or you are close to them, you should not have this issue. Just a little bug… :)

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I think this is it:

This a feature called LOD.
It’s implemented to improve performance by lowering the resolution of the aircraft when zoomed out a bit, hiding details that are not or barely necessary at that particular zoom level.

LOD (Level of Detail) Improvements

Bringing a full-featured simulator to users on a mobile platform means constantly making improvements to how visuals are presented to the user in a balance of graphics vs device performance. We have improved this balance by dynamically changing the level of detail based on distance and perspective. For example, aircraft rendered at a distance do not require fine detail components such as pitot tubes, windscreen wipers, and antennae, so they are removed. Further, aircraft at intermediate distances have simplified geometry. All of these things help to reduce processing requirements of the device, which allows Infinite Flight to run more smoothly across all devices. This update adds LOD improvements to more aircraft. - 18.3 Release notes

If not, I recommend setting your graphics to what @Aceorbit suggested :) I’d also recommend clearing your IF & device cache.


I think it’s just one of them things thanks for your help 👊🏻

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