A bug I found

Lets end this conversation with a thing that happened that time

But honestly, I’ve seen ridiculously mismatched sharklets and engines on A318, the 767 A P turning off in flight because of violent shaking due to turbulence

Still I’ve never encountered something like this

So maybe you should reinstall the app

Ok then do what @Levet said. Save the replays you want and reinstall the app

My wifi is (for some reason) is buggy and I wont allowe the app, infinte flight, use data. So that might be the case. I didn’t remember it becuse I had to go walk my dog. And then i post this and remembered what happpened so it’s my wifi so @Drew is correct it’s a network error.

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That’s the issue then. I pointed this out previously but the comment got buried.


So sorry for wasting your time.

It’s fine, we enjoy helping ;)


It’s why we’re here, not really a waste of time. Glad you got the issue resolved though now!


Thanks @barbadian @Drew @TheGlobalAviator @Levet @IF-JPC @iidvdii for helping


Enjoy the rest of your day