A bug I found

The video is not aviable so I can’t uplaod it, But There’s a bug I found.

Ok so sometimes when I land, I just start drifting to the right (even tho there’s no cross wind) I used rudder but still no use. And then I gain 90,000 feet of altitude then, I ended back on the ground and then the plane I’m using (A380) Started to change to another plane and another over and over again for 1 minutes. Then, you know what happend infinte flight crashed

I hope you guys reply to me to and say whats going on.

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Oh, wow, that’s not good. Veering is one thing but teleporting and changing aircraft is another.

This sounds like some corrupt files/data but can you confirm you have downloaded Infinite Flight from the PlayStore or Apple Store? If you have, I would try saving your replays and then reinstalling Infinite Flight.


Ok I’ll try to reinstalling Infinite Flight.

Then thanks for the help @Levet

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Hello there you can upload to YouTube only the part you talk about .

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Ok I’ll try to screan record and upload to youtube what happened.

I hope it happened again so I can capture it on comera.

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There’s live replays for a reason.

The A380 is incredibly out of date, I’m not surprised there’s a few bugs.

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ok I’ll try to find it

i found it but it don’t show the swiching aircraft bit. It just stopped the replay befor the airplane switching bit.

So The replay didn’t capture all of it.

The A380 might be showing it’s age but it won’t cause his flight to go from the ground to 90,000 AGL and a change in aircraft.

There’s one of two things happening here; either there is corrupt files in the IF app which should be resolved with a reinstall or there is some network issues on the users end.

Ok but why the replay sudenly stoped recording?

Cause you can’t switch planes mid flight.

But the changing was in mid-flight and I did nothing

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Then it must be age of the A380

If it’s not that, then make sure you’ve bought the game from the app or play store. If not, this may be the reason why all the glitching happened

I did buy the game on the app store

It definitely needs a rework
And not the texture improvement kind


Also I when I buy the game I didn’t join the community yet

I would honestly think it to be a network error. It’d make the most sense considering the replay didn’t capture it meaning it must have only occurred while being in connection with the server. I would say it’s an isolated incident and it may be worth standing next to a router and landing xD