A Brisk Boston Sunset into a Peaceful Southern Florida Night

Boston to Fort Myers (Southwest Florida Intl), JetBlue A321. I took off as the sun was setting in Boston (Even though it was only 4:30PM 😢). It was a cold evening in Boston and we were bound for warmer weather, It was about 45 degrees when we flew out of Boston and 81 when we landed in Fort Myers. It was a fun, peaceful flight with a flight time of 2 hours and 37 minutes.

Flight Details

Callsign: JetBlue 643
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Distance: 1,250 Miles
Flight Time: 2 Hours 37 Minute

“JetBlue 643 Cleared For Takeoff Runway 15R, winds 7 knots at 150” “JetBlue 643 contact Boston Departure, good night.”
Climbing Out flying South toward the Sunshine State After 2 hours of flying we cross the Florida coast a few miles east of Orlando as we prepare to start descending into Southwest Florida Flying our downwind leg over North Fort Myers Gear down as we turn to final approach Final approach into runway 6 Touchdown, welcome to Fort Myers

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I love JetBlue and Florida!! 👊🏽😀awesome pics keep it up @NoahM ☺️


Awesome pics!! Love it :)


Amazing pictures man. Keep it up!!!


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Thank you! :)

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Thank you 🙏!

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