A breathtaking DCA Approach

I’ve done many approaches through out the months in common airports and there I tried the DCA river approach into runway 19 with the CRJ2


Mitsubishi CRJ-200 (Delta) (MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH)

Taking off out of KJFK

Passing by New York and Manhattan

Cabin view which people got some drinks but spilled since turbulence :DDD

Going inbound

APPR into river approach



Okayish Landing into DC

Tell me what you think, have you been there?


Have been to the DCA airport river approach! It’s really fun! Nice pictures and i hope i can use some ( I’m just kidding ).

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Yeeeeeessss! DCA! It’s a wonderful approach and I wish more people would know about this. Wonderful pictures as always @GameBoy_KIRB!

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Well atleast it was controlled a few weeks ago and people actually used the approach

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I have been there in the sim and in real life!

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Also check out charts for this approach and it’s also easier https://airfactsjournal.com/2014/02/approach-plate-olympics-more-crazy-charts/

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@PilotChrisSG personally its fine to have some of mine but credit/tag me though
@juan_tavares nice ,mate hope you had a good time there

We actually didn’t stay there for long, we drove up to New York then 4 days later drove back down, spent the night, then drove down to Virginia Beach then came back up to catch our flight 3 days later, very scary approach.

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Wait how did you AAPR a visual? I assume you mean you used an approach plane with V/LNAV to get you to the river then continued by hand?

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I actually used my hand for the controls

Alrighty then yea personally that approach was kinda scary

The river visual is one of my favourites in IF and as a passenger in real life

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Nice one loved the video

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