A breath taking flight on United! Trip report! MMPR-KLAX

Hi guys! I wanted to do another trip report on United and I wanted to do an exotic route I did a month ago! Hope you all enjoy!

IAS 0.88
Training server
(I was only grade 2 then)

Hello everyone! Today I am heading home from a very fun vacation because I had a week off from school, but unfortunately it’s time to head home so I wanted to make a trip report on this flight.

My airplane, United B738

My seat 6D


We are looking at a very beautiful view of Puerto Vallarta while crossing into the Gulf of California!
Taken a minute after takeoff.

Wow! Just wow! That is one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen on an airplane!

Guaymas, Mexico

Just crossing into California while starting our descent

Even more breath taking views!

Landed safely!

Finally at the gate after a 10 minute taxi due to lots of traffic at KLAX! But anyways thank you so much United for taking me home with very good on board service and I had a great time looking at the amazing views on this flight! When I head from KLAX-KBOS I should fly United which I will do a trip report on in a few weeks!

I hope you all enjoyed my second trip report on United and I hope you all have a good rest of your day!


I am super thankful for all the likes you all are giving! Thank you so much everyone!

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Good flight

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Those views are amazing! It looks like a super fun route!

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Thank you so much!
My next trip report will be on a flight I did a week ago, but I aint telling!

Lets just say my next trip report will be a European airline!

Do you all like when I make these or should I take a break?