A Brazillion Miles to São Paulo

Howdy Y’all, just took a lil trip from Mexico City to Sao Paola in the wacky but reliable 767 in the old LATAM paint. IFATC has been doing such a great job recently in spite of the traffic thats been coming on so real props to them.

Though we pushed about 30 minutes off schedule, I had a front row view of both active runways.

After a quick taxi on Bravo, I put on my blasters and get outta there😎, jk 85% N1. Not bad for a full plane.

I decided to take FlightAware’s word for it and took a route that goes completely over the Oaxaca desert, which is home to some of the nicest people and LAND in the world 😻. Passed by @DeerCrusher at this point but he never notices

Below us now is the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Wind started to get rough over these locks of mountains which was perfect timing for our first climb from FL310 to FL330.

If you like cargo, this is the place to be. Below us now is Quito, home to one of the busiest cargo hubs in the world. I do like my boxes, but today I had to make a change. 😔

UGH finally, we can put our past behind us. We’ve reached the border of Brazil! Which is pretty cool in my opinion 🥵

Sure, maybe I borderline planted it bc I haven’t flown this bad boy in a while but hey, I tried and that’s what matters. Also, got to try some new STARS I found on Navigraph so that was interesting.

Anyways, that concludes this segment and thank you for listening to my TedTalk.

With love,


This is the best title I have every seen hands down!


Nice photos and what was your landing rate

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Downed a 430 and thank you 🥰

We love Brazil! Bom dia galera!


Bemvindo ao fórum! Thank you!


I didn’t see you either. This might’ve been when I was flying the Copa 737-800. Had to do a few things around the house while I was on that flight. 🙂

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Just messin with ya, great to see you up there though! ☺️

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