A Brand New Dawn for the B757

The New B757 Era

Hi everyone! During the Open Beta, it was a blast to have everyone helping out the IF Developers and Staff team to find bugs. While I was finding them, I thought, why not make a #screenshots-and-videos topic for the amazing livery’s that were added to the B757. Anyway, 20.1, .2, .3 were all amazing updates this year! But, I think this was the best out of them all!

The British Airways B757 with the special Japan tail, (which is by far so detailed) at London Heathrow on a cold winter morning.

Departing out of Reykjavik in Iceland with the sun beaming on the Icelandair B757. This livery is spectacular! I flew a pattern with this aircraft on the first day of Open Beta.

America West departing out of Phoenix on the ECLPS One departure out of KPHX. I did not expect this livery to come but boy was I excited for this!

Flying a formation flight with @Stellar_G over Shannon, Ireland with the Aer Lingus B757 on a cold brisk day. I honestly did expect this livery to come since everyone wanted it.

Flying a formation flight with the Delta B757 with @Pilot_Felix, @Alec, and @Captain_Cign around the Fresno, California area. I really enjoy flying with this livery because a lot of flights with this livery are cross country.

Turning base to align with runway 23R at EBLG during @Fung_Sum-sum’s ATC tracking thread. I absolutely love this livery that IF made! The colors are just amazing!

This photo is sponsored by @Kamryn

On final for runway 05R at Almaty in the morning with the moon in the background about to set. Now this is a livery that I really wanted! I just love the livery of Air Astana!

And we’ve touchdown at Los Angeles on runway 25L! This livery is amazing on the B757 because I’ve seen the United B757 before in real life when it came to my hometown for a sports charter.

Pulling into the Gate at Riga with @Tsumia’s favorite livery. This livery in IF is so well done! Awesome job for the person who added this livery to the B757!

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The correct answer to the last quiz was Pico Do Fogo which 85% got correct

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My favorite photo :)


Thank you!


Jeeeeeeez, that gear tilt plus the moon shot makes this shot incredible. Not to mention, the engines look amazing, really great job!


I would never take such a backlit shot >:(

JK, absolutely love these shots! That Air Astana Livery fits it so well!


Thank you Shane and @Kamryn!

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Great shots all around! I liked the united one!

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I love thoses pictures , especially the one with the formation flight , and the moon shot one !

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Honestly this is the best plane in the sim.

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your pictures were amazing bro

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@Pilot_Felix thank you!

@Nee thank you so much!

@Collins4486 I agree

@Lilmike thank you very much!


Awesome photos! When did you take the America West pic? I swear I saw you at Phoenix while I was in the America West 757

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Thank you @Daniel14!

I was on solo mode for that America West photo at the time.

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I doubled checked to see if I was on solo and I was. Hope you enjoyed your flight!

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Some really nice pictures showcasing the newest fleet member! It’s really well made and your pictures do show this rather well! I especially liked the UA one. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you Julian! Glad you enjoyed them!

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Great shots :) enjoyed them

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Thank you very much!