A Boring Northeast Flight With a Good Sunset

I flew the quick 50 minute hop from Bradley International in Connecticut to Baltimore-Washington in Maryland. I used the beautiful Southwest Canyon Blue 737-800. To be honest, this is a really boring flight if you’re looking for good scenery, but this sunset made it a worth it Flight.

Gear up out of Hartford, CT Reaching our cruise altitude of flight level 320 that we would only be at for about 15 minutes The vibrant Red-Orange belly of the Canyon Blue. As someone who sees every flight to BWI from the North fly over at 15,000 feet, the Red-Orange Canyon Blue stands out and is easily distinguishable vs the heart livery from 15k feet away More Sunset fuselage photos Descending through 8 thousand feet into Baltimore Approaching BWI from the East Final Approach turns into touchdown at sunset

I know these aren’t my greatest photos but please leave your thoughts!


Yes! Thank you for showing BDL some love! 😍
Beautiful sunset pics!

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