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Hello, IFC!

After sorting through the pictures of the Brussels-Amsterdam trip, I have gotten rid of about 70% of them and still have enough to post daily for the next 3 years
Wish me luck

These pictures were taken on a frigid morning at Amsterdam Schipol airport (EHAM). Some of these are backlit for 2 reasons. Firstly I wanted an effect with contrast, and secondly the first spot I went to was sketchy so I left and went here instead.

A Swiss A220 taking off with the splendid tower in the background

An Easyjet NEO with the special livery that you will have to trust me on

The majestic E2 lining up with a nice landing+beacon shot

And off it goes!

Another KLM plane, just a bit bigger this time.

Off she goes!

Double Dreamliners with a nice morning light…
… wait

…where is the security here?

I could just walk up to the taxiway from where I was. No barriers, nothing.

Try that in France and suddenly you have a new place for people to protest

The replacement following the old workhorse

And said replacement showing off it’s nice engines

@AvioesEJogos ;)

Aww a baby 737 how cute <333

Thank you for going through these pictures!

Have a nice weekend!



just for this one ☝️, I love you ❤️

other are amazing too 😍

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ohh I know this one 😂

not exactly the same (PH-BGQ and PH-BGM) but still cute 😊

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Very nice shot!

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The EasyJet A320NEO looks like a silhouette you could find online somewhere! Amazing photographs!

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well now you can


Thank you so much!

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