A Blue Sky in the Mile High City to a Sunset in Oakland!

Denver to Oakland

Last weekend I wanted to fly the MD-11F because I rarely fly it and it’s a really fun plane to fly. I decided to fly Denver to Oakland because FedEx flies this route in real life and you may know that I love sunsets on the bay in Northern California. I know that on Monday I flew into San Francisco and now o have Oakland, so I guess I owe one to @BigBert10 and San Jose, I’ll have that soon 😉
Flight time was 1 hour 56 minutes

Flight Details

Denver to Oakland
FedEx 643 Heavy

Leaving the Mile-High City bound for Oakland
The best part about flying Cargo on a short flight, STEEP takeoffs as we blast out of Denver
Climbing over downtown Denver as we fly West toward the Rockies Flying over the mountains and parks of the Rockies These views never get old as we cruise at 34,000 feet Flying above the brown deserts of Utah Descending toward Oakland as we pass over the mountains of Livermore Putting the gear down in the Sunset Sky On final approach toward runway 30 The MD-11s Classic Flare as we touchdown in Oakland!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo

What Was the Biggest Passenger Destination from Oakland in 2019 with 576,000 passenger?

  • Honolulu
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles

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The answer to yesterday’s question may be surprising, Semisopochnoi Island is actually the Easternmost point in the U.S.! 21% of people got that



And I’ve been running out of routes so if you have any scenic routes please let me know them!


A short route: TNCA-TNCB :D

Oh yeah, great pics. You’re getting better and better

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As you scroll down it get better and better…

I loved it!

I don’t know what scenic route you should do I think you ran out now. LOL

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Nice pics man!

Also, I suggest KLAX-PANC. The scenery is really nice.

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Amazing! Great that you used the MD-11!😀

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You could fly SJC-PVR with an Alaska A320 at the end of March! 😃

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route; VNKT - ZBAA (most of the highest mountains can have good scenery but be around the highest altitude you can get or at your own

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The old lady looking great! Some stunning shots as always and a though choice for a favourite picture, but here we go:

Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to your next post!

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I just looked at FR24 and that would be a fun one to try with the KLM 777 because they use the A330 in real life!

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I try not to mess up my sunset photos! 😂

And I think I’ve run out of scenic routes too lol

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That would be a good one to fly for AAVA!

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@KindaTartySliceOfPie I rarely use it so it was a lot of fun!

@BigBert10 I think I’ll have an SJC post before that, but that’ll be a fun one to try when the flight starts!

@GameBoy_KIRB that’s a good one! I never fly in that region so it’ll be a fun change

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@NoahM did you pass over GJT?

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Thank you! -like always 😂- the Rockies are always a lot of fun! And the old MD11 is always fun

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I didn’t, I was a little North of it :(

Love it! Love those wing views with the mountains! Also, nice sunset. Thanks for flying into KOAK too!

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Lovely 😊 shots

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Do Vienna - Geneva. Very scenic route. I also suggest flying to Samedan (LSZS). The approach is just so scenic!

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@Mr-plane-guy1 thanks! I love flying into the bay at sunset, there’s a reason I do it a lot!

Thanks! @AviatorGamerYT

Thanks for the suggestion @Philippe_Gilbert! It should be a fun short route