A Blue Sky in the French Polynesian Pacific to a Clear Day in the Heart of Europe


So I know what you’re thinking, how in the world did you come up with this random flight? Well 100% of the credit goes to @Ishrion. He makes the most amazing topics on the IFC and his Real World posts are consistently amazing. I don’t know how he finds so much information, but they’re all awesome. Yesterday he made this topic and it was so fascinating to me, that within 30 minutes of reading it, I was climbing out of Tahiti bound for Paris. Read his topic for more information, but long story short, Air Tahiti operates a flight from Papeete to Los Angeles to Paris, but due to the US travel restrictions to Europe, the flight is doing a one time flight straight from Papeete to Paris. It is Air Tahiti 64 on Flight Aware.

This the longest domestic flight in the world, but it also the LONGEST COMMERCIAL FLIGHT in the world, surpassing Singapore Airlines Singapore to Newark flight. The flight time is not as long as SQ 22, but the distance is longer

JFK-LAX • 2,475 Miles

LHR-JFK • 3,452 Miles

SIN-EWR • 9,536 Miles

PPT-CDG • 9,767 Miles

JFK-SYD • 9,952 Miles

LHR-SYD • 10,575 Miles

So yes, this flight is not as long as either project sunrise flight, but those were not commercially available flights for paying passengers

Flight time, with the help of the JetStream was 16 hours and 38 minutes

Flight Details

Air Tahiti Nui
Air Tahiti 64 Heavy
Boeing 787-9

Leaving Papeete on a Warm, Saturday morning, we would land in Paris on Sunday Afternoon Putting the gear up as we climb out past the mountains of French Polynesia and Tahiti
After hours of blue water the sun sets over the ocean to our west A blood moon rises as we race toward the Southern California Coast over the most unexplored area in the world Crossing the Los Angeles Coast on a late Saturday night After hours over North America the sun rises as we approach Greenland in the North Atlantic The glaciers and mountains of Southern Greenland Overflying Ireland at 43,000 feet, The Ceiling of the 797-9 Putting the landing gear down more than 16 and a half hours since we put them up as we approach runway 27R at Paris After almost 17 hours and more than 9,700 miles, we smoke the gear and touchdown in Paris!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

How were the islands of French Polynesia and Tahiti formed?

  • Colliding plates in the South Pacific during the Ice Age
  • Formed by asteroids that stuck into the sea floor
  • By a volcanic hotspot spewing lava into the ocean

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The answer to the last question was rock climbing!


Once again, @Ishrion gets all the credit for this flight idea and his topics are always amazing!

World's New Longest Commercial Flight - Air Tahiti's Nonstop Papeete to Paris

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Let’s go! Really loving those pics.

Also hoping Air Tahiti Nui receives its new livery in IF one day.


These are incredible! I definitely need to do this flight

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Great photos as always! You wouldn’t happen to be willing to share the flight plan you used would you 😬

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Special flight and a really beautiful livery!

Great post as always, thanks for sharing ;)


Amazing photos as always! I saw you coming into Paris! Hope you greased. I was the French Bee.

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Thanks a lot! @Ishrion I hope they add the new livery too, it’s awesome

@snoman thank you!!!

@Rock77 I don’t know what it was 😬
I used fpltoif.com to find one

@KindaTartySliceOfPie I didn’t see you :( and no it was a pretty bad landing 😂


It’s definitely an interesting route and a very interesting livery as well!

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Also the real flight is now underway on this as you said very special route:

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Haha no worries! It’s a great resource!

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It’s really cool! It shows how far aviation has come, and the fact that this flight will only take about 15:30
Is pretty amazing

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Lovely pictures but didn’t know the B797 existed 🤣


Oh you didn’t hear about the new prototype 797? That’s too bad, it’s really fun to fly 😉

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Damn I love that ! Amazingpics ;)

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Any chance you could send that prototype over onto my game as well? 😝

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These pics are amazing! Thanks for motivating me to do this flight! Seems like a great flight


Amazing!, keep doing it!

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Thank you! @Alexandre

@Hymenopus_Coronatus thanks! It’s a really fun route because of how random it is

@EdCruz thanks! I’ll try to keep them coming :)


Wow Great👌Job. Looked like a long and fun flight 😜✈

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