A Blue Afternoon in St Pete to a Sunset in South Florida

As a lot of you may know, I’m a big fan of flying General Aviation flights around southern Florida, and because my subscription ended, it’s easily my favorite region to fly around. There aren’t many commercial routes in the region so GA is the way to go, and I hadn’t tried the updated Cessna 172 so I flew it from St Petersburg - Clearwater down to Opa Locka. But as I usually do I took a longer routing where I flew past Sarasota, Fort Myers, The Everglades, The Florida Keys, and up to Miami from the south. The flight would probably only take a little over an hour and a half, but with my slow speed, low altitude, and longer routing, it took 2 hours and 52 minutes. I took of in the mid afternoon and landed just after sunset in Opa-Locka.

A Blue Sky in Clearwater as we rotate with thousands of feet left of runway Reaching 7,000 feet as we fly over the coast just west of Sarasota Flying past the beautiful Sanibel Island and Fort Myers
Cruising past the Everglades 7,000 feet above the crocodiles below The limited views of the Florida Keys before we start our Northern turn toward Miami The first hint of the setting sun gleams against the control panel Hoping the pink clouds clear In the next 45 minutes before reaching Opa-Locka As we enter our downwind for runway 9L the sky clears and gives way to the bright sun I’ve never seen a Cessna 172 moonshot so I hope this is your first too! An awful touch down at last light

As always please let me know your favorite photo and your thoughts on the photos!


Not to be a party pooper guy but your last Screenshots and Videos topic was 22 hours you are only allowed one every 24 hours. I’m sure that the mods will let it slide this time as it’s only 2 hours, but for the future make sure you check when your last topic was. 😉

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Hmmm… I’ve never had a problem with that, all I’ve heard is that they really just don’t want people making topics every few hours. I’ve done this with 14-15 hours and everybody has been fine with it. But you’re technically right


They are called Alligators🙃

The screenshots are amazing. Love the cloud edit.
Good job 👏😄

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They are really called “chompin’ yeeters”

Nice photos @NoahM, really like that moonshot.

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Amazing shots and edits @NoahM! All your recent topics have been very scenic so far!😀😍

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Thanks! And after looking it up, the Everglades is the the only place in the US with Crocodiles and Alligators 😉

Chompin’ yeeters 💯

And I don’t take many pictures when it’s dark so I try to make sure I have a moonshot when I do!

Thanks a lot for paying attention to all of them!!!

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Never mind… I realized already responded 🤦‍♂️

These two photos in particular are just so well edited that I feel like I’m actually there. The sense of flight is beautiful


Thanks! I like showing the updated cockpits because of how realistic they look, and I don’t add many sunset skies like that so I’m happy it looks good!

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Late to the Party… Anyways, that landscape looks really beautiful and the pictures are once again really stunning!

Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you! The southern tip of Florida is always really fun to fly around

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Amazing photos 🤩

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