A Blast to the Past - Reviewing Old Replays

Oh, it’s you again. Hello! Today, I look back at some of my old replays (early 2020) and witness what sacrilegious things I have done during my time at Infinite Flight. I also threw some regular photos in as well. I may have overedited some 😅


Most taken from late 2020. Various planes, airlines, etc.

This was my 1,000 hours flight on August 17, 2020. Don’t know what happened with this picture.

My first full flight after the Boeing 777-200ER rework was released. Immediately flew it on June 9, 2020. Meet Jaustrian


Yeah, this is a recent one. Sorry mates

My third flight after renewing my Infinite Flight subscription

June 20, 2020

Ah, I flew from San Fran to Angola. I was surprised to see people there when I arrived. No, I’m not the one in front.

Got Grade Four for the first time, March 2, 2021

See you guys on the flip side 🫡


How could you make those nice pictures😮 So cool!


Thank you! Made them with the help of editing and free cam 😊

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Wow love these shots! Especially the qantas one

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Am I dreaming? All the planes are glowing!? 🤩

I’m kidding, amazing shots!

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Nice shots mate !

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