A black spot in the air

I fount an bug
At the calefornia region
About 300° to 330°

From asus

I believe this is the sun that for some unknown reason shows as black on your device.

Please include device make/model and a clear list of step as described in this category description. Also make sure your title is a bit descriptive to make it easier to find later.

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I hat it on day not afetrnoon or morning
And i have an asus but i dont know the type

If you fly throug it, it takes you to the other side of the universe. Black Holes, Matt didn’t even tease that, didn’t see it coming!


HAHAHAH!! I could actually imagine Matt teasing something like that!! omfg :’)

Funny but that isnt it i think

That’s no bug… It’s a space station.

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The web of a Borg attack.