A Bit of Spotting and some Experiments | Munich, November 24, 2019

It’s that time of the year again! No, I’m not referring to Thanksgiving. After a break of more than a month since the last time I finally made my way to the airport once again for some spotting on a weekend with two visits to the airport within two days thanks to the christmas market there.

Why I love going to the airport? So simple: instead of waiting for an update in IF I can just watch the A350 in real life and take pictures of it.

Apart from that, real life also offers so many special liveries. Even though it’s special, B-2047 probably is the special livery I spotted the most (apart from the Munich based obviously), the shot is just too nice to not share it here though.

I won’t let you leave this topic without a glimpse of the normal Air China livery worn by the Airbus A350 flying to Shanghai again. Just a day later the inbound flight on this route diverted to Milan due to heavy fog in Munich and the lack of CAT III certification of the crew on board.

You might remember a very similar picture: I already caught Emirates’ orange A380 in this perspective, now it’s the blue one. Only the green livery gives me some headaches since I always encounter it in bad weather…

And a third special livery: Iberia’s A321 departing to Madrid promoting the Cabarceno Natural Park in Cantabria, Spain.

“Normal” but massive: Thai’s daily 777 ready to depart to Bangkok

And yet another special: Currently, Lufthansa lacks aircraft so several planes operate for them on a wet lease basis such as airBaltic’s A220s and Czech Airlines’ A319s actually leased to Eurowings (I think 🤔) For a few weeks this meant that their Prague - City of Magic livery operated all flights to Bucharest.

As the title implies: I also experimented a bit. Days are becoming shorter so I decided to play around in the darkness. Just a few meters from the christmas market I visited the Terminal 2 viewing deck for some night shots. Unfortunately the viewing deck is surrounded by glass making it difficult to take decent pics (plus the infield terminal is very bright in the background) For the first time doing this the pics probably turned out quite well after quickly removing the worst of the reflections from the glass. I’ll likely return to try more and get some better pics in other perspectives. Let me know what you think of these first attempts.

See you next time! If I’m lucky this might not be too far away and actually feature a special visitor ;)



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TL;DR service for @dush19: Actually, I can’t be bothered to continue this any longer but: Planes, Planes, Planes.
@MrMrMan: Catch up, there are four topic to quote now!


Moritz, these are beautiful 🥰 Fantastic work as always!

I’ll have to find time to quote these…


Fantastic job @Moritz! No polls! Seriously, theses are great! 😊

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I see those night long-exposures you experimented with, not too bad for your first time!
Great shots all together!

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This one is a nice story! Great shots as always Moritz!
I know @Joseph007 would like that CA 359.


Beautiful! They weren’t kidding, you really are a spectacular spotter.

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Nice pictures!!! I’ve actually been to Cabárceno park (the one on the Iberia plane). I was living in Santander (capital of Cantabria) in 2016 which is just a short train ride away!

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is Munich not far from central munchen? Because for the night pics, it would look fantastic over the city skyline!!! 😀😀😀

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Thanks! Guess it was definitely time for a little break from polls haha

That’s cool! I actually had to google what it was since the only thing I could conclude from the livery was that it probably had something to do with wild animals

Distance from central Munich is something around 40 kilometers so pics with the skyline would not work in night shots for sure (you could probably even argue if you want to call Munichs skyline a skyline). In summer when the evening light comes from the north you can get some pictures with the alps and Munich in the background but that’s about it.

Thanks to all the other comments as well of course :)


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad spotting topic or picture from you @Moritz. Well done once again.

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Oh, I guess you didn’t look at the very old ones so far 😂


These are stunning!🤩 Great shots as usual Moritz!

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Thanks :) still hoping to get some more and better night shots later this winter

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The Singapore livery looks so great on the A359. Nice shot, @Moritz!

This is a really nice livery. I love the red of Air China.

Ah, there we go. Needed that fix of Air China blue. That’s a pretty livery! Need to get to flying that in IF…

After deliberation, I have decided that I like the Expo liveries on the A380 better than on the 777s. Way to make the colors pop! Great work, Moritz.

Where’s the hippo?! Anyhow, that’s a neat special livery. “A zoo in the air!”

There’s just something about the Thai livery that makes it really great, but I can’t put my finger on it… Anyhow, the purple is really nice.

Oooh mmm yeah wow. Nice one! Unlike the weird SunExpress liveries…

I like the blue of the old livery more than the blue of the new one. Not a bad shot!

This is a really nice shot. Gotta love the dude in the middle bottom wiggling all over the place :P

This is actually quite a nice livery. The teal works really well with the design. Neat logo, too.

task complete


Don’t want to shock you but you won’t be successful finding Air China on the 350 😬

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Oh. Oh no. ☹️

At least we have China Eastern 😍

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