A bit of help using Trim

Can someone here help me out to tell me what is the use of trim. Never used it.

It makes it easier to take off, climb, cruise and land as it keeps the elevators in a set position without any input.

Refer to this topic for help on which trims you should use:

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Nose is pointing down on The collaboration point, use trim to get the nose up, pretty much lifts or lower the nose when it is harder to do so

The people below will probably explain it better then me 😂

What would the recommendation be for 777 series.

I am not sure if he has updated the 20.2 777s but if you look at the article it has details for trim at all weights for different aircraft.

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Take off and landing benefit from trim. If you wonfer why some people land and the nose gear settles down gently, then they’re likely using trim.
If you’re flying a spitfire or cub or a fighter you need to use it to stay level as you gain speed.

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I believe 20% UP is right for 777

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Thank you everyone for your help. It has solved my question.

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I don’t know about landing, but for takeoff use 5% UP and flaps 15º if the aircraft load is over 69%. If it is below 69% use flaps 5º with no trim

Rule of thumb: flying slow = more positive trim, flying fast = more negative trim. How much depends on the plane… plus weight!

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