A bit of discontrol in Addis Ababa

Would appreciate a bit of organization in the approach please. There´s been three ATC controller changes and been flying around waiting for a decent approach for about an hour.

ATC services are volunteer work. They can‘t always be given.


please do keep in mind that IFATC are volunteers, and that HAAB is not exactly designed to handle such a high volume of traffic

We currently have one of our best controllers, Prashant Divedi, manning radar at HAAB right now. I’m sure you can expect to touch down within a reasonably efficient time frame now. :)


Ok let see how can we resolve this now…

Due to heavy traffic, decided to divert to an airfield nearby (could not wait much longer due to other responabilities) suddenly approach closed for about 5 minutes. Preparing my approach to Lideta (about 10nm N of Addis Abbaba), new controller signs in and warns to me contact approach. Why?? I was no longer going to land in HAAB. Well, while I was about to ask for GPS approach for runway 12 (Lideta Airfield) I get reported…

Any explanation???

Any explanation??


You should send a message to @Prashant_Divedi to discuss your report. He can help explain.

Prashant is a very good controller. He doesn’t report without any good reason. PM him.

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ATC has been tagged so at his convenience he will contact you 😃

Hello! I’ll PM you. I was most probably your new approach controller. This can be closed

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Hey will Addis Ababa be reopened ??

When a controller is free, he/she will hopefully reopen HAAB - they have lives remember…

Yes I know that im just asking if anyone had plans to reopen it. Anyway thanks will hope that in my 2:30 eta someone will be open

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There’s currently Ground, Tower and ATIS there so hopefully someone will open up Approach

@Othman_Asli open HAAB TGA,


Tower, ATIS and Ground are now open. Someone will probably open Approach soon…

And please don’t tag IFATC members demanding they open a frequency…


Some one will take approch in 3 min, please wait for it

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How do you know this?


Some one told me. He want everyone be quiet. Wait it.

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There is Approach there now :)

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Situation handled.