A bit of an error at EGLL

Hello IFC. I was controlling at EGLL. I noticed some of the grass was a bit mesed up.

There is parts randomly missing

Mods close this if this is known about or ment to be like that.



Are you talking about the taxiway? If so the airport editors will be able to fix it when they get the time or you can join the team and do it yourself. Or you may need to clear your scenery cache.

Look at the dirt in front of the plane in the second one.

The A330 that was not following instructions

Try clearing the scenery cache by going to settings then scrolling down to clear scenery cache

Probably just a glitch but @Qantas094 has a good point why not try that

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I will try, back in 5

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@Qantas094 and @N801VP

Still there

After cleaning the catch

Too google earth

Back in 10, I’m of for lunch

So it’s a job for the airport editors like I mentioned before.


How can I tell them?

I cant see anything on earth

Where on the airport is it? I’ll see if I have it too

The odd looking areas in the first picture are very detailed Modeling of old now defunct taxiways IRL (see Google Earth footage below).

Could you specify the area of the second picture for me to better find it?


It’s on the left hand side of 27R, looks like I have it too


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Like I posted above both can be found in IRL.

For reference: The section is between A6 and Link 11 close to RWY 27R/09L.


You solved it, its actually like that

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I managed to find this, pretty sure that’s not meant to be there @JulianB

Yes it is :D

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