A bit of a glitch

So I’m just saying this to try and fix this issue and I’m not trying to get these violations removed because know that is not what this topic is for.

I just landed at London Heathrow on expert server with no violations in the flight, but when I taxi to the gate and park up, I switch my engine off and use the multitask on ios to to look at a message my friend sent me when out of nowhere I return to see a you can no longer fly on expert server because you are not a high enough grade message pop up. I am now grade 2 when before I was grade 4. I got 5 violations and and am quite annoyed about it.

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Were you watching your device the entire flight? @Tyler_Shelton may be able to identify the violations you received as well as @N1DG to see if there are any commonality between them all. As this is poping up more and more. So far nothing has been reproducible.


You cannot tell that you have had zero violations until your flight has ended unless you are starring at your screen the entire flight.

Chances are you racked up some violations and when you multi-tasked (which you shouldn’t do) and came back it tried to reconnect but couldn’t because your grade was low.


I only used messaging for 15 secs and I was parked,
Also I would have already been banned if it was earlier in the flight,i was paying attention to the screen a lot as it was only a 40 min flight

They’re all overspeed.

I’ll say it again, in my time here I have never seen a “glitch” that racks on speeding violations for someone that’s not speeding.

If you think it is in fact a bug please provide ways to reproduce so we can better investigate. Thanks!


Ok, I will try and provide more screenshots if this occurs again, I sort of understand now but not fully.