A bit disappointed about TS

I’m a bit triggered right now. A couple days ago I was on TS1 taxiing in YSSY. I usually taxi first person for realism terms and after every corner I check all my perameters including exterior views, and multiple within a 2 minute time span, I had 2 grade 4 and one grade 5 pilot taxi right thru me as if I wasn’t there. Even thought its TS1, being grade 4 and up, you have to set an example.

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This is Training Server. Nothing can be done.


There are noobs on there, we cannot stop the noobs, we’ve tried but we can’t stop them, fly more and move up to expert and you’ll see where the real pilots fly

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If they do it again try reporting them. If other like minded people see them do it then maybe they will report as well and they’ll be removed.

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Like others have said, you can try reporting them and see if others do the same. However, since it is the Training Server, there’s nothing we can do about it. Fly on the Expert Server if you don’t want to deal with nimrods! :)

I can fly on expert but I wanted ATC and there’s rarely ATC on expert lol

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It’s the training server. Fly on expert for a realistic experience. :)

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Did you see it yesterday? There was PLENTY of ATC open.

I was asleep all day yesterday haha

I’m still making the same point. Every day, if not almost every day, we (IFATC) open up on the Expert Server. We all have our own lives to live, but we still make the time to come and control. You can’t expect us to be online 24/7, but when we do open, there are plenty of controlled airports to fly to.