A bigger variety of IFATC events

Hello ifc

I was just thinking it would be cool do have a bigger variety of ifatc events because honestly for me, fnf is starting to become a big repetitive. I surely can’t be the only one out of 40,000 people on here that thinks this.

Now I completely understand why Tyler likes using diffrent airports to the regulars and that’s fine, but because of that these airports are showing up either on fnf or the ifatc schedule every few weeks.

I was just thinking it would be better to start having different events during the week like full ifatc fly ins etc. A similar thing like vatsims across the pond would be cool.

I believe making events is why we have the #live:events category and fully controlled events are rare, but if your event is in the IFATC schedule then you can get it. And if your talking about changing up the schedule and fnf’s, I suggest PMing Tyler and Misha for suggestions


Well you’re in luck with the cross the pond event. @BennyBoy has this in the works.

As for everything else goes. Tyler and Misha can not satisfy all 40,000 users here on the forum. There will be those some weeks where it will be the big airports, but also the other weeks where there will be more variety. I’m sure both Tyler and Misha would be open to discuss different event ideas with you though.


Community events are featured in the schedule by Tyler every month or so, and they’ll add some spice to the schedule once one is chosen. Occasionally, certain IFATC members will group up and do small “takeovers” to spice things up in the featured region. You may have seen some of these last week! In terms of the schedule and further event incorporation, I’m sure both Tyler and Misha are open to suggestions should you have any!

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Misha said this regarding a topic of this nature:

“The reason for larger hubs recently is due to 19.4 release and the holiday season. We cater for the demand, and as that increases, our choices decrease for suitability. We had an increase of at least 30-40% in traffic for the few FNFs after 19.4.

2019 itself was filled with FNFs across the world from diverse hubs and countries. Please look back at these.

To go into how FNFs are chosen. You cannot have a FNF at:

  1. Any single runway airports
  2. Any airports with anything less than 10-15 heavy gates
  3. An airport with backtracking
  4. An airport with no approach frequencies

This is because of the following:

  • No places for aircraft to spawn
  • Poor ATC performance if no APP leading to poor user experience
  • Frustration at wait times from the majority of users, especially those who fly more rarely than the majority here
  • Multiple fuel emergencies from people who would not be able to land for hours
  • A severely decreased real world route network from smaller locations; a big deal for many users

A serious consideration is also IFATC. Staffing tiny airports that don’t handle more than a handful of planes in real life makes it almost impossible to do within Infinite Flight.

I’d also reiterate the FNF is the big event each week, so leaning towards larger hubs is always going to happen. There are 6 other days in the week too, for those who have forgotten.

Finally, as seen by the poll, the wider majority do actually want larger mainstream hub FNF airports. They are always busier than more remote ones. We cater for the silent majority as much as the vocal minority. This means we will have larger hubs more often than not, then on occasion smaller ones, as has been the case all year.” -Misha

Hope this helps!


Hehe thanks! I am on track to release the event thread in around 6 weeks.

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