A Big Thank You!

I wanted to say Thank You for many reasons.

First of all, Thank You for Infinite Flight. Since I was an aviation enthusiast, I would want a realistic way to enjoy the presence of aircraft. I would look for DAYS on the app store and try everything I found, until I found Infinite Flight. I am really thankful for this wonderful simulator where Developers work hard to bring us incredible updates without us having to wait more than 3 months. I’m also thankful for the fact that it is Realistic and not one of those games where you can’t tell the difference between a Dash-8 and an Antonov 225. :) This game is Not Only incredible with graphics, but it also has extremely accurate multiplayer. I’m saying this and it may not mean much to you, but try finding another game with such graphics, has Multiplayer and Live ATC!
Thank you to the Creators and hard-working developers who make this game what it is!

Secondly, A big Thank You for the IFC. This forum itself is wonderful! It is organized, active and you can create feature requests which is simply incredible! (and I’m not talking about those feature request topics where the feature itself never gets added). This forum is wonderful, but also full of incredible people! Almost Everyone I met in this community is nice, understanding, and is willing to KINDLY point out mistakes I make so that I can fix it. When I first arrived, I knew nothing about this community, making duplicate topics, putting feature requests in #general and most likely being a pain to moderators and to higher TL owners trying to fix my misteaks. People here Encourage each other, are respectful and understanding to and with each other, but most of all, are reasonable!

A massive thank you to the IFC Moderators who keep this place not only reasonable, respectful and kind, but also Thanks for helping to keep our community civil! :). The moderators also create incredible organized events, Friday Night Flights, but most of all, they do so by being kind, and helping us understand what we do wrong!

This counts a lot to me, but I can’t thank enough all the people who guided me in the IFC since I was a TL0! From @Levet who taught me what like farming is and how not to do it*** to @Chris_S who taught me not to make duplicate feature requests, @DeerCrusher who answered my very many questions about the Community, @MishaCamp who made an epic new screenshots category and **Thank you so much to @discobot *, who kindly introduced me to the IFC!!!
Also, thank you @Joseph007 who told me that Expert server wasn’t so dangerous and encouraged me to fly there for the first time!
Thank you also to the Airport Editing Team who just released this wonderful update of hard work!

Thank You So Much for this incredible simulator and wonderful community!

Once Again, Thank You!

*** This is NOT like farming, @Levet :)



Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


I don’t care if this is like farming or not - it is extremely well put, and therefor you’re getting my like! 😀


Discobot is nice, he actually LIKED my thank you topic!


Also, a big thank you to all the people who I mentioned in the “Who are you thankful for in the community”!

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Credit: David Zhang


Oh shoot exposed


Well stated, and I agree. Thanks for the time and effort to offer well deserved accolades. IF actually saved me several hundred dollars. My Wife purchased airfare for our Son, Springfield, IL to Phoenix, AZ, …but when I saw the e-ticket it wasn’t from KSPI, but from Springfield, Missouri. I was able to correct the error. Had it not been for my IF flights in my home region, I wouldn’t have known the difference. IF has opened my eyes and learning to a whole new fantastic world.

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Im still scared, read my bio

Sorry for posting here so much, I just like @Robertine

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It’s not though!😂


I deleted the part where I talked about it, so delete this comment :)

It is (Just a bit)

And now @Robertine is a regular! Congrats on TL3!

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Thank You so Much!

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