A Big Thank You to the Controllers at EGLL Today!

I would like to give a big thank you to the controllers today at EGLL! (even though I crashed when I landed) (due to WiFi) everyone was awesome! I would like to give a big thank you to @GHamsz for the wonderful approach controlling! Although I didn’t get a chance to taxi or use tower much congrats to @TimShan05 , @Edivan_dcds for the great controlling! It sure is stressful controlling the busy airspace! That was the best controlling I’ve had since the New Zealand FNF!

-British Airways 9915


Same here!

Thanks to @TimShan05 for doing ground and tower at an awfully busy Heathrow! Keep up the great work. I love it when there is appreciation - a really nice change to ghosting topics.


Can’t forget @Edivan_dcds i believe they’re controlling heathrow right now, tower and ground with easily 50 aircraft on ground and many more in the air


Thank you for the Addition!

I’m glad to hear this positive message! This team @ EGLL worked so hard to get everyone in the air or on the ground. Incredible job to the pilots that actually listened to our instructions (except for a few…).

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I flew in twice today, excellent ATC on expert. Well done!

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I agree! I haven’t seen many complaints about the ATC great job to the IFaTC for an awesome day!

Thanks to @DeerCrusher for coming at the people who act like idiots when ATC isn’t there.

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Yeah, it wasn’t pretty. Quite sad how people can’t behave on the Expert Server. Guess they wanted 7 days on the Training Server instead. Cool with me too. 🙂


Personally I’d be glad to see these little tests happen more often, especially given increased activity at major ATC airports at the moment.

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Absolutely agree it was mad, I was on the ground for 30mins before takeoff. Hats off to ATC, well done!! You deserve way more respect than you get.
Happy Flying


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