A big thank you to FDS, staff, mods and fellow pilots

I would have made a quite exit, but I think it’s appropriate to acknowledged people who make an impact in my life. I had an appetite for knowledge on aviation and went haywire on the internet, until I found Infinite Flight. Today, I pride myself whenever I explain the ins and outs of flying to other people and it’s all thanks to you guys. But, unfortunately I have to redirect all my energy elsewhere and wish you all of the best in your future endeavours. I’m inactive as we speak, my last flight was in early July.

Blessings to you all.



I have something like this on my profile page. Well written sir! Well done @SAA_A346! And thank you for your lovely thank you!

Oh no, we will miss you Hloni!
You’ve been a great person to interact with buddy, hope we can squeeze a few convos in later on.

Take care, hope to see you come back in the future sometime, good luck bud!

Kind Regards, CaptDawud. Adıós 👋


Good luck. Hope you enjoyed your time here.

Aww man. You probably won’t get to read this, but we and the developers are all glad that you have gained knowledge and experience from Infinite Flight! You will be missed!

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Good luck and take care 👍

;-; Hope you comeback soon!

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I hope to talk to you again!

Poem thing to @SAA_A346

Today we have lost a knight.

Today is a sad day

Today we will rise

And defeat all his enemies (moron grade 1 people)

And conquer the world

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@SAA_A346… MaxSez: You’ll be missed. Reproduce and frame to commemorate your IF Tenure.


I started playing live almost 6 months ago, and I had almost no idea what I was doing. After almost two months of learning I became part of the IFATC team. Two months after that I joined the IFAE team. I’ve learned so much over the past few months, and now I want to go into the aviation field for a job. Everyone should be able to learn the same things I did to become who I am today!

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