A big problem with Narita Airport

There is a big problem with the terminal here at Narita.

Here is how the terminal looks in real life.

However in IF, if you count the jetbridges, you will see that there are two that are missing.

In real life, there are gates 57A, 57B, 58A and 58B. However in IF there only gates 57 and 58. That problem causes the jetti problem which I talked about before.

In IF, there are gates (those gates should be stands btw) 414 and 413 that are not present IRL but they are in IF. There is also supposed to be stands 411L, 411R, 410L, 410 and 410R.
So, I hope that someone at the IFAET can take the request for this airport as it really needs an emergency rework.


IFAET Does not take requests under any circumstances. I think there is a form to report errors though, so let me see if I can find it…

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I’ve come across this issue with several IF airports. Missing gates or terminals that aren’t exactly laid out to the IRL equivalent. I wouldn’t say it’s in need of emergency editing though, just somewhat an annoying issue.

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@DiamondGaming4 Rip that thread was locked over a year ago

The google form still exists though.

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thats a bit easier :)

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