A Big Eastern Jet - Spotting at KBFI

Hello, IFC!

Today, I had my first flight, in the cockpit of a Diamond DA-40!

I will make a “trip report” soon, but while you wait, enjoy these photos I took from KBFI!

A private jet reverse thrusting… on the… taxiway??

A few usual 777Xs parked

A baby private jet :)

My ride for the day, N489Y!

A close up I took while inspecting the strobe and navigation lights, and checking the stall horn, flaps, etc.

Here is the legend you have been waiting for!

An Eastern Airlines 767 on short short short final, runway 14R!

One more shot:
This one was taken from the cockpit, so it’s bad, but still a rare catch!

An EX-S7 air A319 being repainted with the Air France livery

An Airbus at Boeing Field :>

Thank you!

Have a nice day and stay safe!



First! Haha pulled a Robertine, on, robertine…

Anyway great pictures!

@Brody_Swiatek hey look it’s a plane for your VA


Great photos!


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Haha discourse photo quality go brr

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There is an impostor among us



Me looking at thread: * (scrolling) *
Me passes DA40 pic: * (scrolling) *
Me: OMG HE FEW THE DA40 Now he is one of the few!
Me later: Man you need coffee!

Honestly Sick photos looking forward to the Trip Report! I love the DA40 and enjoy flying it!

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No birb = me don’t like

jk nice shots robertineeeeee


All the birbs made way today because they knew the weather was not worth going outside for ;)

My trip report is pending

lol it needs approval

I remember this one from the FR24 findings recently! Thanks for these cool pictures, some rather rare planes included, which is cool, especially the Eastern B767 which I always forget that it exists. Thanks for sharing!

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They do it for braking (at least on the Gulfstream I think).

Epic pictures and hope you enjoyed your flight!


1st one is fav!!!

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Eastern Airlines be lookin’ amazin’! What a cool spot!

Also, I love the wing photo of the DA-40!

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Some damn good shots!

Haha I’d be pretty uncomfortable if I were the pilot 😂

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Awesome catches!

That was also my aircraft to first fly… I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did:)

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