A Big Blue Flying Object

A Big Blue Thing I Flew

I’ve gotten fairly bored recently, and decided to try a more unique flight somewhere scenic with the little time I had. I was reminded of the sheer beauty of Venezuela which sparked the idea for a VFR flight around the Caracas area, combining the mountains and a capital city. An hour and a half flight later, I can say I am satisfied.

Details, if you care

Flight Time: 1hr 30min
Aircraft: Avensa DC-10-30

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That’s my period post for today, I’ll see you somewhere else!


10/10. Great shot @Tsumia! Underrated aircraft and livery.

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All those who didn’t know this livery existed… 🙋‍♂️

Fantastic shot! Really Impressive!

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Thanks @tunamkol and @Captain_Cign!

Amazing Shot!!!

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Stop posting MSFS 2020 photos on the IFC. 😜

Incredible photo @Tsumia! Amazing work!

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Nearly thought it wasn’t infinite flight at first glance, great shot and editing!

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Nice shot!

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Ssshhhh… don’t blow my cover!

Glad you liked it!

Thanks mate!


Wow @Tsumia 😍😍😍😍

Great job my friend!