A Big Airport Event @ OLBA - 272000ZAPR18

Server:** Expert

Region: Middle East

Airport: OLBA

Time: 2000Z


About this event : This is event is being held at OLBA, Beirut Rafic Hariri Airport, this is only an event for experts.

About the airport: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beirut–Rafic_Hariri_International_Airport

NOTAM: to join this event, please include the following information in the format shown.

(Aircraft) (Callsign) (Route)

International Terminal

Gate G23 : Emirates airlines, Boeing 777-300er
Gate G22 : CLOSED
Gate G21 : Oman Air, Boeing 787-8
Gate G20 : Turkish Airlines, Boeing 777-300er
Gate G19 : Lufthansa, A320
Gate G18, Tunisair, A319
Gate G17, Aeroflot, A320
Gate G16, Air France, Boeing 777-200er
Gate G15, MEA, A321 @Georges180305 to Marseille
Gate G14, MEA, A321
Gate G13, MEA, A321
Gate G12, MEA, A321
Gate G11, MEA, A321
Gate G10, Vueling Airlines, A320
Gate G09, Luxair, Boeing 737-700
Gate G08, Qatar Airways, Boeing 787-8
Gate G07, Etihad Airways, A321
Gate G06, Gulf Air A321
Gate G05, Croatia Airlines, A319
Gate G04, CLOSED
Gate G03, Saudia Airlines, Boeing 787-9
Gate G02, Ethiopian Airlines, Boeing 787-8
Gate G01, Alitalia, Boeing 777-200er
Remote S1, Royal Jordanian, 787-8
Remote S2, Royal Air Maroc, Boeing 737-800 @Oli_H to rabat
Remote S3, British Airways, A320


Cargo 01, Cargolux, 747-8
Cargo 02, UPS, A330-200F
Cargo 03, Aero Logic, 777-200F
Cargo 04, Qatar, 777-200F


Gate EXEC 01, Boeing 737-900 BBJ3
Gate EXEC 02, Boeing 737-900 BBJ3
GA 01, Any Cessna 208 Caravan
GA 02, Any Cessna 208 Caravan
GA 03, Any Cessna 208 Caravan



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Hahaha. I see how you got this idea lol. I hope you have a big turnout. :)

I would join but I have school at that time. ;)

@Brent_A I really like your events so I just wanted to make some airport events in some new airports :)

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Sounds great! Hopefully I can join one of your events in the future.

This is my first event and I am going to do some more airport events in some less popular airports

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This is great then because we need this too

Come on, who wants to participate to this big airport event ???

Anyone wants to participate ?

Come on guys, this is a beautiful event

I know that this airport is not famous but it would be great to fill it up. Please

You’ve sent something in the thread every few hours and your event isn’t until the end of next month. I’m sure you’ll get people as it gets closer.

Also, you say 1600z, but your title says 1800z.

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I would love to come! Unfortunately it’s too early in the morning for me, good luck and I hope all goes well

I changed the timing because it was too early for some people

Sure, I’ll be able to come for now. Royal air Maroc 737-800 flying to Rabat

I just added you to this event

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Anyone else wants to participate?

The event is getting closer, we have to fill this airport

11 days till the event. we need more people or else I will cancel the event.

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Aww, this looks like a really good event to attend. I’ll still be there. I hope that other people join

Thank you very much for your support.

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